“Vengeance” (Handa Gote Research & Development)

no language barrier—but with ballads of love and death in German

“Vengeance” by Handa Gote is a dance of death in slow motion, set sometime in the 1800s, on the Bohemian-German border transformed into a dark, bitterly cold and deserted Western town with never-ceasing howling winds, a love-everlasting triangle, and a big gun. Similar to the most stylish of Sergio Leone's spaghetti-westerns, “Once Upon a Time in the West,” Handa Gote's “Vengeance” is instead a Kraut-Cowboy-western, with a humorous Czech-zombie twist.

There is no dialogue, except for a couple of ballads sung in German: the first one is of love and the German homeland, and the second one of love to the death. And just as Sergio Leone's mid-1960s films are led along by the compelling and haunting soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, “Vengeance” has a live music/eerie soundtrack executed with a vinyl record player, an alto-harp (a crude, wooden hand-held-board), and modern electronics by Tomas Procházka, creating an echo-chamber of screetches and howls throughout the performance.

At mid-point there is even a Mexican-sounding instrumental, a norteno, played on the alto-harp, possibly to remind the audience that this is purportedly an olde Saxony-Bohemian epic in the Wild West. However, the despair, jealousy and hateful, unforgiving reactions of women and men in and out of love and vengeance is a timeless activity and in our times more likely to occur in an IKEA decorated living room or bedroom, not a desolate desert prarie.

We seem to be living on the verge of the Wild West every day of our lives can be another way of understanding this story. Highlights of the performance include scenes of desperation with a fearless widow eating the dust off of a corpse, like the love-starved farmer she is; a haunting burial ritutal, which seems influenced by Japanese Noh theater scene in a ring of fire; a brutish face-off duel between two down-beaten women with knives, and then the last bang.

Handa Gote on this production includes: Procházka, Mäkelä, Švábová, Kalivodová, Smolík, Housková, Dörner, Hybler, Svatoš, Skála, Kropáček.

Alfred ve dvore theatre,
Františka Křížka 36
Praha 7

When/Times & Price:
Sat 21.10. 2017 19:30 250 / 150,- Kč
Sun 22.10. 2017 19:30 250 / 150,- Kč
Mon 23.10. 2017 19:30 250 / 150,- Kč 

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