Summer Festival Střelák 2007

Press Release: The Kinematograf bratří Čadíků mobile cinema returns to Střelecký ostrov, a river island in the heart of Prague

The beginning of the film, music and theatre festival is approaching. The 11th season of the cinema Kinematograf bratří Čadíků will be launched on June 3rd, 2007 on Strelecký ostrov in Prague. The green island in the very heart of Prague will host the festival until the 1st of September.

The summer festival Střelák will traditionally offer a varied program consisting of films, concerts and theatre performances. Prague's cultural life is less active during the summer and the open air cinema on Strelecký ostrov is the one place that introduces an attractive program, especially conceived for the summer holidays in Prague. The island will enliven through the magical world of motion pictures and of captivating melodies. The program will be topped up with events such as theatre performances, charitable events and table-soccer or petanque tournaments. The Summer Festival on Strelecký ostrov will last from June 3rd until September 1st, 2007.

Opening Ceremony

The official Opening Ceremony will take place on June 3rd, 2007 at 8 p.m., with Lucie Bílá as a special guest. The ceremony will culminate with the screening of the movie Pražákům, těm je hej. The event will be attended by major Czech personalities. Free entrance.


• The 11th open air cinema festival presents the very best of the most recent movies as well as "safe bets," films chosen from national and international archives and sorted by theme.

• The beginning of June is traditionally dedicated to Czech films. The open-air cinema is English-speakers friendly, the majority of Czech movies will be thus screened with English subtitles.

• On June 9th, we will present the premiere of the new Czech movie ...a bude hůř. The film is based on Jan Pelc's legendary underground novel. The movie will be screened with English subtitles.

• Every Monday (starting in July) the cinema will show chosen cult movies from PROJEKT 100.

• Sundays are devoted to a tribute to Jan Švankmajer, one of the leading Czech directors and artists. The summer festival will show all his feature films with English subtitles.

• Tuesdays will present movies or documentaries that deal with the theme of music.

• Fans of science fiction will appreciate the unique opportunity of seeing Piotr Szulkin's trilogy all in one day. On July 14th, movie-goers can see, within a single evening, the movies The War of the World: Next Century; O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization; Ga-ga: Glory to the Heroes.

• On July 11th we will screen, in cooperation with the Summer Cinema School, the legendary movie That Man from Rio. The screening will be followed with a documentary on Brazilian music Rytmy Brazílie.


Each Thursday, the summer festival will host concerts. The rich variety of Czech musicians and bands will be accompanied by three special foreign guests:

7.6. JABLKOŇ + movie Darwin's Nightmare

14.6. The BEAT hall of fame – music festival feat. THE CELL, KATAPULT, MICHAL PROKOP + FRAMUS 5, GEORGE & BEATOVENS

29.6. ŠVIHADLO + RIDDIMSHOT + TRIBE TOWN + movie Life of Brian

2.7. Robert Smith Jazz and Soul Band /GB/-- this school music ensemble plays classic jazz, soul and musical melodies / 6:00pm

12.7. WWW + SDRUŽENÍ RODIČŮ A PŘÁTEL ROPY + movie Sympathy for Lady Vengeance -- the legendary Czech hip hop band WWW came back on the scene last year with their new album Neurobeat.

19.7. TARA FUKI + VERTIGO QUINTET + movie Time

26.7. VON MAGNET /FR+SP/ + movie Carmen -- The legendary French underground dance project VON MAGNET will perform for the first time in the Czech Republic. It artfully mixes flamenco and tango influences with electronic and industrial genres and theatre-dance performances.

28.7. THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS /NL/ + MIDI LIDI /cz/ + movie The Fountain

Psychedelic music. For the last 26 years, LPD has been knocking down the borders of genre in its creations. The band is very famous in the Czech Republic mainly through its numerous concerts that become unforgettable thanks to the huge personal appeal of their leader Edward Ka-Spel.

2.8. JIŘÍ SCHMITZER + LANUGO + movie Forest Walkers

9.8. BRATŘI ORFFOVÉ + SOIL + movie The Triplets of Belleville

16.8. XAVIER BAUMAXA and guests + movie The Boss of it All

18.8. "SVĚTÁCI ZE SILVER ROCKET VOE" + movie Men about Town

The presentation festival of the independent publishing company Silver Rocket rec. Festival from Prague will introduce the best of what they have to offer -- the dark and rolling Gnu, the ambient jazz OTK, the trashy Děti Deště and Deverovu chybu and the punk 'n' roll Esgmeq.

21.8. THE HOGS /IRL/ + VÁCLAV KOUBEK + movie Záviš – kníže pornofolku ….

This concert is the consequence of a collaboration started last year: a pleasant union of Czech and Irish publican chansons. The Irish The Hogs have also recorded an album with Václav Koubek after their successful common concert tour in the Czech republic.

23.8. TRABAND + movie Coffee and Cigarettes

30.8. STO ZVÍŘAT + movie Divine Intervention

1.9. BRATŘI EBENOVÉ + movie Life on Wheels – End of festival celebration


The film and music program of the festival will be enriched with two important theatre companies – the Brno based Divadlo Husa na provázku and Buchty a loutky. The beginning of July will thus be under the sign of Theatre.

July 4th

7:00pm Václav Havel: ZAHRADNÍ SLAVNOST /Divadlo Husa na provázku/

Václav Havel’s longest played drama in a Czech theatre with the fascinating Tomáš Sýkora.

9:30pm 200 MALÝCH CIGARETEK /Divadlo Husa na provázku/
A song revue of Ballad for a Bandit and of other successful shows.

July 5th

7:00pm Jiří Jelínek: SHAKESPYRE – A comedy full of errors /Divadlo Husa na provázku/

Once upon a time there was a house: THE PRINCE OF DANMARK, THE BLACKAMOOR OF VENICE, THE VERONA LOVERS on many floors under one roof.

July 8th

8:00pm PUPPET MACHINE FOR FILMS /Divadlo Buchty a loutky/
Buchty a loutky will bring a puppet machine for all the movies of the world. You just have to say the title of a movie you would like to see, and Buchty a loutky will immediately start playing it, in a short version, with a detached view and a humor of their own. Be ready for unexpected moments!

9:00pm + movie Chcípáci - ČZ 2006, Radek Beran, 65min., english subtitles

A puppet movie for adults with autobiographical elements. Chcípáci is our tribute to trashy and depressed stories. A seemingly fatal conflict wins over an equally, or maybe even more, fatal love, and not only one, but four. The villain is cornered and the foursome love overcome…

Kinematograf bratří Čadíků

The open-air cinema on the Strelecky island is part of the project Kinematograf bratří Čadíků. Since 1992, when it was founded, it has expanded its activity a lot and has become a popular cultural event. Its popularity is supported by the fact that it doesn't screen movies only in the center of large cities, but it also often goes to places that lack a movie theatre and where the cultural possibilities are not large. Today, it owns 13 mobile cinemas that screen mainly Czech movies. The screening has become a traditional part of most Czech film and music festivals and cultural events. But the Kinematograf doesn't remain in the Czech and the Slovak Republics only; since 2002 it has started traveling to other European cities also. This year, the Kinematograf will visit more than 100 cities.

Accompanying Events

The island's cultural life will be accompanied by special events, some of which are of charitable nature.


16.6. Prague's Day for Africa , 5pm

benefit concert:


• 29. 6. Juggling afternoon 3:00pm – 6:00 pm

Chill-out music, open stage, juggling workshops and other activities for each of you… toys to borrow

In collaboration with

• 24.8. Benefit for Afghanistan, 4pm

A summer bar is open for you everyday from 12:00pm to the end of the screenings or concerts during the Summer Festival Strelak. You can also borrow for free pétanque sets, marbles, frisbee, badminton and juggling equipment /diabolo, skittles, flower sticks, etc. /


This year, the Summer festival offers discounts to holders of ZTP and ZTTP cards. Upon presentation of the card, the holder of a ZTP or a ZTPP card will be given a 50% discount on movie tickets.

We have prepared various discounts for holders of ISIC, ALIVE (IYTC) or ITIC cards:

a) 25 % discount for 4 card holders at one time on one place, ti. "together, 4 card holders pay only for 3 movie tickets"

b) 25% discount for 1 card holder for 4 visits, ti. "1 card holder comes 4 times to the cinema and pays only 3 times"

c) A unique card holder will be offered one drink for free in our summer bar /beer, soda, tea/ (discounts cannot be combined)

d) 10% discount on the concert ticket /the discount cannot be applied to prices in pre-sale/


The general partner of the open-air cinema on Strelecky ostrov is for the second time the company Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka a.s. The main partner is the brewery Černá hora. The project was founded with the support of Prague 1. The main broadcasting partner of the event is Rádio BEAT.

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