World Premiere: The play about a dick

Alabaster Cat and PSC present a dark comedy with adult themes

You have a chance to see a world premiere of a play at Divadlo Na Prádle. Alabaster Cat and Prague Shakespeare Company will present the first performance of northern California playwright Aaron Wilton’s newest work, called The play about a dick.

The premiere is Nov. 16, and it will reprise Nov. 17 and then again on Nov. 18 as part of an evening of fun at Divadlo Na Prádle as part of European Theater Night (Noc divadel). More performances are planned for 2018.

The play, as one can guess, has adult themes. “I would also say that it is quite a dark comedy that uses awkwardness to achieve its effect. Sort of 'The Office' if it were written by Woody Allen,” co-director Derek DeWitt told Prague.TV.

The play about a dick is also co-directed by Debbie DeWitt, and stars local actors Abigail Rice, Sam Barlien, Fanette Ronjat, Sinéad Phelps, Jeff Koch and Marc Dexter Cram.

The story is about a middle-aged woman, Enid, who meets a younger man online for sex. What starts as a simple rendezvous becomes “a darkly comedic exploration of vulnerability, intimacy, and empathy,” according to the description. Enid's life after the meeting becomes chaotic and spirals out of control.

The play touches on guilt, kindness, gender roles, post-truth reality, existential vacuity and other topics.

It has had a staged reading in the US, but not a full production.

Aaron Wilton was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and traveled to New York for his higher education, He has received several prizes for plays, poetry, and acting.

He is also a professional actor whose stage credits include George Street Playhouse's Inspecting Carol, with Peter Scolari and Dan Lauria, and the lead in the world premiere of After All, with Broadway's Walter Charles and Susan Pellegrino, among other productions. He has received several prizes for plays, poetry, and acting.

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