Pieter De Buysser to appear at Prague Planetarium

The Flemish author who often appears at Divadlo Archa has an out of this wold show

Prague Planetarium in Stromovka park is one of the city’s most underused venues for theater. Flemish writer Pieter De Buysser has created a show that takes advantage of its space and capabilities. 

His show The Tip of the Tongue (Mám to na jazyku) will be at the Prague Planetarium on April 18 and 19. The show is presented in English with Czech titles.

De Buysser usually appears at Divadlo Archa, with several shows that he performs himself or has authored. Archa is co-producing this presentation of this show as well, even though it is at a different venue.

The show is described as a cosmological story about portable particle mirrors, cosmic whirlwinds, black holes and star systems.

A philanthropist with faith in progress, as well as a speech defect, starts to build a spacecraft. The story takes the audience through a curve in space-time. It features Grace, a girl who is tired of the Messiah, and Raymond, a lost detective that no one is looking for anymore.

“A portable particle accelerator, whirlpools in the China Sea, a dozen nebulous spirals and a majestic black hole gradually cause the tension to surmount. … Because, as fabulous as they might be, all the elements in this planetary show are inspired by today’s political and scientific reality,” The author states.

“The show is an exploration of borders for nationalists, a local geography lesson for cosmopolitans and a cosmology lecture for pioneers of a new world image,” he adds.

The story picks up on the need to update the research done by Johannes Kepler with a new type of cosmic map.

The show uses new technology, but the underlying concept is actually old. Scientific lectures used to be popular entertainment in the late 19th and early 20th century. The shows often mixed philosophy with sensationalism.

By the 1920s, dome-shaped planetariums with projectors began to make appearances, and cosmic lectures took place that looked to the future but also had roots on mythology and ancient wonder.

The Tip of the Tongue had its premiere at a planetarium in Brussels in May 2017 and earned positive reviews.

De Standaard gave it a four-star review. “It begins as a comic PowerPoint in the four corners but ends as a cosmic immersion in 360 degrees. Look: yet again this was genuinely a new theater experience,” Filip Tielens said in De Standaard.

Etcetera praised the show and the setting. “De Buysser demonstrates his qualities as a writer in the smooth, credible way in which he tells this fabulous story. The planetarium is a rewarding setting for it,” Jan Dertaelen said in Etcetera.

Prague Planetarium, also called Planetárium Praha, opened in 1960 and its dome is one of the largest in the world, measuring 23.5 meters in a diameter. Its projection system was modernized between 2009 and 2014 and has the highest resolution in Europe.

For more information visit www.divadloarcha.cz/en.

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