ANTOINETTE’s Mystical Europe

A colorful and mysterious exhibit Mythos Europa by German painter ANTOINETTE

Museum Montanelli (MuMo) is currently featuring the colorful and mysterious exhibit Mythos Europa by German painter ANTOINETTE. The works of ANTOINETTE hang beautifully in the quaint but elaborate halls of the MuMo. Each painting stands to tell a story and provide a unique perspective on the mythology and history of Europe or as titled, ‘Europa.’

ANTOINETTE’s paintings are based on 30 years of her infatuation with the legend of the Phoenician princess, Europa, who was abducted by the ruler of the Gods, Zeus, disguised as a bull. As legend has it, after Europa’s abduction she was taken to the island of Crete, where she bore three children. From these children, Europa became known as the founder of the Cretan royal line and her name, Europa has now been adopted as the title for the entire continent, Europe.

ANTOINETTE’s obsession with this mythological story becomes very apparent when viewing the exhibit, Mythos Europa. The colors and subjects of each painting combine beautifully to make up an aesthetically pleasing piece; however, upon further look, the artist’s disturbing thoughts and images become apparent. Many of the pieces have strong symbolic images surrounding themes such as pregnancy, bestiality and the humanization of animals.

The idea behind this project and this exhibit was to compare Europa as the mythical woman to Europe as a continent. Europe is such a historical continent, home to some of the first human civilizations. ANTOINETTE’s paintings offer a unique look into the history of Europe and the roots that led to modern Europe. Founded on war and crossroads, and stories of gods and goddesses and human-like animals, Europe is distinctly unique in its foundation.

Originally from Germany, ANTOINETTE studied under the highly regarded German painter Bernhard Heisig. Her work with her turn-of-the-millenium show Berliner Sittengemäld, earned her international recognition. She has shown her work in various cities around the world including New York City, Berlin, and now Prague. In 2012 ANTOINETTE was awarded the annual culture prize by the German Psychoanalytic Association Foundation.

About her exhibit Mythos Europa, ANTOINETTE asks, “Do I let myself being touched by these subjective pictures? What do I find beautiful? Which role does profundity play in it? Can I stand to cry while laughing, to perceive the painful ugly in the beauty? Can I bear our historic past? Can I bear the mistakes of the presence? And how do I deal with negative emotions such as anxiety, annoyance, disgust and anger? Can I live with a future which creates fear because one cannot prepare for it? Can I bear an art which offers to be an instrument to deal with these questions?”

Mythos Europa truly is a story-telling and a fascinating exhibit. Each painting takes time to decipher the story and meaning that has led ANTOINETTE to painting such deliberate and beautifully historic paintings in her over-40 large paintings that dress the walls of the MuMo.

Mythos Europa will be at the Museum Montanelli (MuMo) until June 30th, 2018. Admission to the exhibit is free of charge.

Antoinette: Mythos Europa
Museum Montanelli
Nerudova 13, 118 00 Praha 1
16. 3. 2018 – 30. 6. 2018
Opening hours:
Tue–Fri: 2 pm – 6 pm
Sat-Sun: 1 pm – 6 pm

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