President Obama's Czech Roots

A press release from the Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences (SVU)

As was reported in the press last year, in connection with the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama for US Presidency, I discovered that he also carried Czech genes in his blood. Specifically I was able to demonstrate that his English Royal ancestors could be connected with the Bohemian royalty and thus link him as far back with Duke Bořivoj I of Bohemia and St. Ludmila of Pšov. These findings were reported in a summary form without providing the details.

On the occasion of the inauguration of Barack Obama, as the new President of the United States, I have thought it appropriate to publish his ancestral family tree which links him with the Kingdom of Bohemia and its rulers. This will hopefully remove doubt among some skeptics who could not comprehend that an Afro-American could have Czech ancestry. Frankly, as I pointed out previously, to characterize Obama strictly as Afro-American is a misnomer, anyhow, considering that his mother was Caucasian. If we would apply Jewish laws to this situation, according to which the offspring of Jewish mothers are always considered Jewish, irrespective who the father was, by that standard Obama would have to be considered Caucasian. Obama is, of course, not Jewish but the analogy is, nevertheless, in order.

Obama's Czech roots are obviously on his mother's side which link her with Edward I Plantagenet (1239-1307), King of England, from whom they lead through Vratislav II (1032-1092), King of Bohemia to the first historically known ruler of Bohemia, Duke Bořivoj I (842-894). This lineage is shown in the three Tables that follow. It should be pointed out that other linkages are possible but the lineage through Edward I and Vratislav II seems the most direct one. Other linkages are more complicated and may also be less reliable.

Table 1. Descent of US President Obama from King Edward I of England

Edward I Longshanks Plantagenêt, King of England 1239-1307

Elizabeth Plantagenêt 1282-1316

William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton ca 1311-1360

Elisabeth de Bohun ca 1350-1385

Elizabeth Fitzalan 1366-1425

Joan Goushill

Catherine Stanley

Dulcia Savage

Maud Bold

Jennet Gerard

William Eltonhead

Richard Eltonhead

Martha Eltonhead

Eltonhead Conway

Martha Thacker

Edwin Hickman

James Hickman 1723-1816

Susannah Hickman

Annie Browning

George Washington Overall 1820-1871

Susan C Overall 1849

Gabriella Clark 1877

Ruth Lucille Armour 1900-1926

Stanley Armour Dunham 1918-1992

Ann Dunham 1942-1995

Barack Obama 1961-

Table 2. Descent of King Edward I of England from King Vratislav II of Bohemia

Vratislav II Přemyslid, King of Bohemia 1032-1092

Judith Přemyslid 1065-1085

Boleslas III Wrymouth Piast, Duke of Poland 1085-1138

Ladislas II Piast, Duke of Cracow and Silesia 1105-1159

Richilde Piast 1135-1198

Sancha of Castille 1154-1208

Alphonse II, Count of Provence ca 1180-1209

Raimond-Bérenger V, Count of Provence & Forcalquier ca 1205-1245

Eléonore of Provence 1223-1291

Edward I Longshanks Plantagenêt, King of England 1239-1307

Table 3. Descent of King Vratislav II of Bohemia from Duke Bořivoj I of Bohemia

Bořivoj I Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia 852-889
& St. Ludmila of Pšov 860-921

Vratislav I Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia 888-921

Boleslav I "The Cruel" Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia 915-967

Boleslav II "The Pious" Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia ca 935-999

Oldřich Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia, ca 970-1034

Břetislav I "The Restorer" Přemyslid, Duke of Bohemia ca 1002-1055

Vratislav II Přemyslid, King of Bohemia 1032-1092

Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences (SVU) website


And I was hoping Obama had some soul, not deficit manners, rudeness, inane compassionate faculty, and a proclivity to rabid infidelity. Your facts must be completely wrong. Looking at the character that is Obama, clearly he has none of those Czech traits, nor are those Czech traits latent in his blood.

Cean Sealis
February 1, 2009

Obama is Polish! Who'd have thought:)
And Czech, Spanish, French...
Is there a nation in the is not a descendnt of?

I'm citing your article at

April 5, 2009

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