Prague Fringe: Hansel and Gretel the End of the Fairy Tale

Prague Fringe

Adults Monodrama / Hansel and Gretel  the End of the Fairy Tale "

Prague fringe festival 2009

A combination of a fairy tale and an Autobiography from the view point of a girl telling her family story. This is an adult monodrama from the age for 15+years old. A story teller performing to an audience of children and adults, right after her visit to the cemetery. She begins to tell the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", but because of the difficult mood she is in…she is overwhelmed by memories of her past:  her family - Jews parents , children family relation ship, two brothers two choices… some magical scenery of her childhood and some are hard… the play which was meant to be an innocent fairy tale evolves into a touching drama …..

the play incorporates several theoretical styles: acting, puppetry, story-teller , dancing,  music playing…. 

(The play’s length is one hour and ten minutes; afterwards the audience is invited to stay for a talk).

By Florence Fisch-Hacham (based on a personal story - for  15 +years old)

Directed by Ilan Ziv-Zontag

Performed  by Florence Fisch-Hacham

with the support of the Israeli Embassy

These are the hours:

Friday 22/5/09  20:00              Saturday 23/5/09    20:00            Sunday 24/5/09   20:00

 Divaldo Na Pradle

Besedni 3/487

118 00 Praha 1




     "Florence is an actress with very diverse talents, she has an impressive presence on stage and the transitions between

     the story and the fairytale are thrilling ... this is a small play, human and very moving ... " (Elyakim Yaron - Maariv)



"What is required in order to create a strong human play? First, a good story and then a clever and original way

of telling it.… it is a small powerful play carrying a harsh message…….a small human play can shake you, more than

any presumptuous production……" (Shy Bar Yaakov  -Yediot  Ahronot)


"There is a distinct conflict between a fairy tale and a painful personal story ……" (Michael Handlezaltz -haaretz  newspaper)


    I was very impressed by the acting, singing, music playing and mime…Florence has an extraordinary  never ending

capabilities and the play is fascinating!....We have ran into the powerful play which I can only strongly recommend…" 

(Rina Avni- "Kivun Hadash Magazine")


"Here is a professional crew teamed up to create a professionl play which awakens the imagination and thought with a few

moments of sheer poetry..."     (Leah Gilula- Asimon Magazine)


"Florence Fisch Hacham's play is a small miracle of artistic composition…..Florence presents to us, a piece of life,

a marvelous lesson of optimism and hope…"     (Daniel Saada- Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem)


"Many days after I watched the play, which was conceived and performed by the wonderful actress Florence Fisch-Hacham,

I was not able to stop thinking about it………Florence tells her life story on stage, in a original and moving manner…..Even if

you're not theatre "Fans", you must not miss this life story and the unique way in which it is conveyed - not boring for a

minute, not letting go and penetrating the soul!…this is literally "something else"… (Ephrat Shteiglitz- newspaper critics "At")




Fisch-Hacham Florence

Adam Theater  

[email protected]

972 +9 7460685


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