Prague Fringe: Waiting for Andre

Press Release

In everyone's life, there are people who exercise a profound influence on us but whom we don't really know. This is the point of departure for Hard Times' production of the seriocomic monologue Waiting for André, a one-man show written and performed by John Arthur Sweet, who is making his first visit to Fringe Festival Praha (and, in fact, his first visit to the Czech Republic).

A young man named Chris is hired to wait on a stage in a railway station as part of a publicity gimmick for a production of Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Is this a waste of time? purgatory? a clever marketing ploy? a rare opportunity to think? It turns out to be a bit of most of these, as Chris ponders the essence of waiting, the relevance (or not) of theatre, and the nature of Love—all through the lens of his relationship with the mysterious young artist André.

Waiting for André is a piece of storytelling theatre, by times slightly absurd, occasionally verging on the poetic, that will appeal to theatregoers who like the English language, who are interested in theatre, and who don’t mind a story that doesn’t always move in straight lines.

John Arthur Sweet is a writer/performer based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Waiting for André is his fourth one-man show. It was first performed at the Fringe Festival in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in August 2008.

Waiting for André will be presented as part of Fringe Festival Praha every evening at 19:30, from 22 May to 30 May, at Kavárna 3+1, Plaská 10, Malá Strana, Praha 5.

The show runs just under an hour. For more information, go to

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