Prague Fringe: Cactus - The Seduction...

Press Release

CACTUS - the seduction...
by Jonno Katz
directed by Mark Chavez

Divadlo Inspirace
Malostranské náměstí 13
Malá Strana, Praha 1

Friday May 22nd at 10:30pm
Saturday May 23rd at 10:30pm
Tuesday May 26th at 10:30pm
Wednesday May 27th at 10:30pm
Thursday May 28th at 10:30pm
Friday May 29th at 10:30pm
Saturday May 30th at 10:30pm

CACTUS is a unique physically devised solo show from actor/comedian/story weaver Jonno Katz. It is a multi-layered, comedic, theatrical, explosion of imagination.

SOLD-OUT in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, Albuquerque and Melbourne.

Winner of Toronto Fringe's "Patron's Pick" award

Winner of Vancouver Fringe's "Georgia Straight Pick of the Fringe"

Jonno Katz is trained in the Le Coq style of physically devised theatre. He has made 4 solo shows that he has toured throughout Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. This will be his first time performing in Europe. He is currently in India working on his 5th solo theatre show, The Accident , that he will tour after the Prague Fringe. He is also a highly successful director of theatre and film.

Katz says, "I prefer to use a mix of scripted dialogue and tangential improvisations in my shows. Structure is important but audiences love seeing performers taking risks up on stage. Therefore I embrace wherever my mind, body or technicians take me and see how far I can venture down a tangent before I pull it all back in. The line between chaos and control is constantly shifting and evolving throughout the show."

Jonno is particularly excited about performing in Prague as his family is originally from Czech Republic.

They left Europe in the 1930s to escape Nazism.

"This is just about the wackiest, most delightful and unique thing I've witnessed in years. Super-talented and spontaneous Jonno Katz, who hails from Down Under, slips seamlessly between a series of characters and their inner psyches…This absurd Mark Chavez-directed show was already packing them in over the weekend." Ottawa Sun ****

"Perhaps the only show in the Fringe that can be described as both ''Brechtian'' and ''pant-wettingly hilarious…'' Toronto Eye Magazine **** 1/2

"…a Mobius-strip storyline held together by a remarkable, always amusing performance. Call it Beckett goes Bonkers; call it definitely worth seeing." Westender ****

"It deserves more exclamation marks than the paper will allow, so thusly, if you can't get tickets, it is imperative that you either steal them or sneak in." Terminal City, Vancouver, 0 pints (highest ranking)

"One of a handful of Comedy Festival shows that truly strives to enlarge the vernacular of comedy, Cactus takes its audience on a tour of a psyche that is, in turn, Lenten and lush. Splitting into cartoonish facets of a single identity, our wilfully absurd protagonist strives to make it through the desert of the self.

A carnival of boundless imagining and endlessly mutating self, Cactus is something like the kicking love child of the Wachowski Brothers and Andy Kaufman…you'll be mesmerised by Katz's brave offerings." The Age, Melbourne

"Many performers attempt to create comedy that's whimsical and bizarre. It's a difficult trick to pull off, and a few succeed. Enter Australia's Jonno Katz, who absolutely nails this theatrical form…Take my word for it, CACTUS is a must-see. Jonno Katz is brilliant." Times Colonist ****1/2

"Katz may one day be hailed as a twisted comic genius." The Program, Melbourne

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