Hobo Fest 2009

Pack up your belongings and boil up your clothes, folks, it's the first annual Prague Hobo Festival! 

The Hobo Festival is part of the rising international community of Do-It-Yourselfers who are having more fun than anybody else, and doing it for free!

Come and see us solve the finance crisis live, right before your very eyes, and revel in amazement to discover that you're a part of it too.  Here are a few pointers from the 1889 Hobo Convention in America:

1. Decide your own life, don't let another person run or rule you.
2. Always respect nature, do not leave garbage where you are jungling. (group camping)
3. If in a community jungle, always pitch in and help.
4. When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents however you can.

That is not a bad layout of rules for a badass party, especially if you apply them to such a force-field of talent as we are presenting on May 9th in the Smichov Bunker!!!

There will be a smorgasbord of home brewed entertainment including derelict live musicians, death-defying Tight-rope walkers, unpermitted jugglers and more!  Bring your old clothes for the clothing swop, you can leave in a brand new busted-up outfit and get rid of all the stuff you haven't worn in yonks. 

Do it right and you might even rodeo yourself a prize at the Great Depression Fashion Show (thanks Ken)

Absorb the mellifluous emanations of amazing live bands with more soul than a nation of shoestores, DJs that give new meaning to "hobo-tech", and some refreshments that will have you tattooing the recipe in a ring around your bellybutton.

It's all happening Saturday, May 9th 2009 at the Smichov Bunker Club,
for more information join us on Facebook
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Here's the lineup so far:

Dukla Vozovna (Czech)

Trunk Show (Germany/USA)

The Tower of Dudes (World)

T.C. McManus (US)

GROTESKA (earth)


DJ Heartless Bastard (UK)

DJ Petasonic (CZ)


The Trunk Show:
Dovetail Records is pleased to present The Trunk Show, a consortium of oddball musicians living in Praha and Berlin with a trunk, maybe, two. What exactly are in those trunks? Trinkets, ornaments, bullwhips, old clothes, love-letters from lonesome old girl in Ft. Worth (the stationary reads, Bluebird Motel. The pages smell of rose salve, gun powder and L’air du Temps – reeks of scattered optimism.) There’s a hot plate, eggs, bacon, baked beans, toast and strong coffee– the fixings for a breakfast that would send a fat tear down the cheeks of the the most cynical Hobo King.

Dukla Vozovna
Dukla Vozovna is a Czech punk band that has two accordion players. With three CDs under their belt, you know they have been doing this for awhile. A lot of people compare their music to Tři Sestry, and much like them, they have thousands of fans in the Czech Republic.

The Tower of Dudes
The Tower of Dudes isn't just your average international accordion-laced cow-punk band based in Prague, Czech Republic. Their lively stage presence, along with their double-barreled, pump-action delivery, has been known to incite all manner of dancing, chanting and spellbinding sing-a-longs that only end when this gang of half-crazed misfits either pass out or explode.

T.C. McManus
Found in the Rubble after the bombing of Hiroshima, drunk and cursing with an accordion strapped to his back, T.C. McManus could not remember who he was or what he was doing in the world's fist nuclear wasteland.
Experts to this day do not know his how he survived the blast nor do they know what the mysterious initials "T.C." stand for.
But experts and novices alike agree that with his latest release "Flying Fish Sailor," his unique, accordion-powered blend of Slavic and Celtic folk music at a punk-rock velocity will unite the world.

Hailing from the dusty saloons of the TexAustralian bush country, GROTESKA shows up wielding nothing but broken & borrowed instruments and rocks a live set that will stand your hair on end.  See Diamond Damien dodge his own cymbals as they fly at his head from the clothes-rack-of-drums.  See TVstevie coax one more sausage tube of songs out of the meat grinder mic to soothe the saturated populace.  Combining ragtime, blues, ballads and beats this dynamic duo must be seen to be heard and heard to be believed!  Come to their show or you will definitely miss it.


for more information join us on Facebook.  See you there, hobo's and hobonettes!
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