4 + 4 Days in Motion showcases contemporary art

The 23rd edition in Prague will feature several premieres of performances

The 23rd annual festival 4 + 4 Days in Motion will take place Oct 5–13 in Prague.

There will be exhibitions and events at Desfourský palác, as the festival tries to highlight abandoned spaces.

The main theater program will take place in Archa, Ponec and the DOX Center of Contemporary Art. The festival will offer nine foreign and four Czech premieres. There will also be a site-specific performance, debates, video art, a bookstore and a bar with DJs.

Much of the program is English-friendly or nonverbal, but some lectures and events are in Czech only.

The theater and dance program reflects the complexity of contemporary Europe and the world. “You can walk through our festival like you walk in the countryside. Some things are coincidental, others are absolutely clear,” Pavel Štorek, the theater program dramaturge, said.

“This year’s program confirms once again that an artist who wants to approach and mesmerize audiences must be a person for all seasons in a way. Our foreign artists work on the borderland between theater, dance, literature, visual arts, and new media. Their projects often have a political dimension as well as documentary aspects,” he added.

The festival will open with MDLSX by the Italian company Motus on Friday, Oct. 5 in Archa. It is a psychedelic one-woman performance by eccentric actress Silvia Calderoni. The show will repeat on Oct. 6.

Syrian choreographer Mithkal Alzghair will present the Czech premiere of his performance Displacement, about salvation through escape and the impossibility of return, at Ponec on Oct 11.

Julian Hetzel’s performance installation The Automated Sniper oscillates between the poles of art and war. It is at Archa on Oct. 8.

Australian performer Nicola Gunn in her show Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster takes a comic and critical look at human behavior. It is at Archa on Oct. 12 and 13.

Another highlight is the live documentary performance for film lovers called History History History by British artist Deborah Pearson, at Ponec on Oct. 12. It looks at the refugee crisis after the 1956 uprising in Budapest.

The foreign theater program also features a scenic concert by composer Ingvild Langgård and stage designer Signe Becker called New Skin at Archa on Oct. 10.

The festival will also have Czech premieres. Barbora Kleinhamplová’s and Tereza Stejskalová’s site-specific project Weeping Over Too Long a Life takes place at Tomáš Hair Studio in Prague 7. Jan Mocek’s premiere of Fatherland will be at Archa on Oct. 9.

The Czech premiere of Alcohols, Volumes 1 – 9 by Wariot Ideal will be at Desfourský palác from Oct. 5 to 13.

The main exhibition of the festival called Uncertainty Principle will also be at Desfourský palác from Oct. 5 to 13. The exhibition by multiple artists ask questions about perception.

Since 1996 the festival’s aim has been to present contemporary innovative theater projects from Czech and international groups. Projects include all genres of contemporary art such as theater, dance, music, visual art, film, and video art.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/festival4dny or ctyridny.cz/en.

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