Festival of Democracy runs along side Forum 2000

A side program has free events including a day at Prague's náměstí Republiky

This year’s Forum 2000 conference runs Oct. 7–9, and a side program called the Festival of Democracy will have events open to the general public from Oct. 5 to 11.

The Festival of Democracy has over 60 discussions, screenings, workshops, exhibitions and concerts in Prague and other cities throughout the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. The vast majority of events are free of charge, but not all of them are English-friendly.

“We believe that this year we will be inspired by a public debate on the co-responsibility of the citizen for society, tolerance and respect for human rights, the world we want to live in, and democracy. We are delighted that the Festival of Democracy is gradually expanding to various places in the Czech Republic and abroad, or wherever they regard civic activity as the cornerstone of a free and democratic society,” Jakub Klepal, executive director of the Forum 2000 Foundation, said in a press release.

This year, the Festival is working with the Scout Institute (Skautsky institut) for the first time, thanks to which some of the speakers of the Forum 2000 conference will head to smaller towns in the Czech Republic.

The Festival of Democracy will culminate on Festival Day on Oct. 6 at náměstí Republiky in Prague. Nearly three dozen nonprofit organizations, including the Forum 2000 Foundation, will be presenting information to visitors, who will also be able to get refreshments and see live entertainment.

In the special section of the program called Let's Talk Together visitors will be able to talk to three people with extraordinary life stories: Jiří Kolda (Czech Republic), Alexej Kelin (Czech Republic) and Carolina Dutca (Transdniestria / Moldova).

The program on Festival Day will include music from The Turpentine Ray, Acute Dose, Kittchen & Aid Kid, Bratři, stand-up comedy from Luke Venclík, and a Maori Haka performance.

The Linhart Foundation for the second year is organizing Democracy Zone festival in the Experimental Space NoD on Oct. 4–6. Participants can look forward to a political and documentary theater, musical performances, exhibitions and workshops. The aim of the project is to engage the audience in political art and create space for an open discussion of serious social issues in the informal and non-traditional environment.

For more about the Festival of Democracy, visit: www.forum2000.cz/en/projects/festival-of-democracy-2018

For information of Democracy Zone, visit: linhartovanadace.cz/en/2018/08/24/democracy-zone-festival

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