IAM Prague showcases street art

The 100th anniversary of is seen from a different perspective

The Illusion Art Museum Prague (IAM Prague) on Old Town Square just opened a new street art exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

The exhibit, called History Board: 100 Years of Czechoslovakia Through the Eyes of Street Artists, gives visitors new perspectives to consider.

The pieces were made by artists such as Juraj Duris, Tomáš Krč, David Strauzz, Toy_box, Jakub Štark, Lukáš Kladívko, Phoe and LaPapula, and the show was curated by Radek Wohlmut.
IAM Prague’s art director and co-owner Jakub Bechyně, who is passionate about the street art scene and Czech history, obtained the pieces for History Board from well-known Czech and Slovak graffiti artists and allowed them to share the story of Czechoslovakia through their art.

“I’m really excited to showcase the work of these artists in such a prominent location because this is traditionally an underground medium and one that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Our goal was to create an exhibition that featured the best of what the style has to offer and provide these artists with a space to share their perspective on our common history in a way that is intriguing for locals and tourists alike,” Bechyně said.

IAM Prague is located in a 15th-century building called House at the Red Fox (Dům U Červené lišky) on Old Town Square with an unobstructed view of the newly renovated Astronomical Clock, and you can watch the hourly procession of saints undisturbed and away from the crowd in between looking at the exhibits.

The first floor of the Illusion Art Museum Prague is dedicated to a permanent exhibition of illusion art, and the second floor will host History Board until early January 2019. The two floors offer over 500 square meters of exhibitions.

The first floor provides good opportunities for selfies, as people can place themselves in some of the illusions. Photography is encouraged, and the staff helps people get the best photos and also can take over on the camera so the whole group of friends can get in the shot.

The biggest of the permanent exhibits are anamorphs, which bring order out of chaos, depending on your perspective. When viewers come to a certain point, the objects create a coherent portrait. One of the two anamorphs looks like a pile of electronic junk, but from the front, it makes the image of inventor Nikola Tesla.

The most popular exhibit lets two people stand at specific points, and one person looks like a giant in a photo, and the other is quite diminutive. From an exact angle, several pieces of wood line up to make the image of a chair, which become central to the illusion.
The entrance is a bit hidden among the arcade and outdoor seating for cafes and restaurants. But once you find your way inside, there are two floors with over 500 square meters of exhibitions.

The museum is open 10 am to 8 pm.

For more information visit iamprague.eu or www.facebook.com/iamprague

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