Prague to Search for Golden Medallion

Treasure Seekers Anonymous Press Release

Treasure hunting is no longer only for children! Beginning March 8, 2010, Praguers will be able to start searching for a golden medallion that has been hidden somewhere in the city of Prague. Clues to its whereabouts in the form of puzzles, codes and ciphers will be periodically released to registered players until someone finds it or April 22nd arrives. The person who finds the medallion will be the winner and win a yearlong foreign language course of his/her choice from Presto Language Schools plus 2000kc. Other players can win prizes as well based on points accumulated for finding the solutions to the clues.

Treasure Seekers Anonymous (TSA), the creator of the game, has teamed up with Presto Language Schools, Anglo-American University, and People in Need to offer people the opportunity to participate in this new and exciting, family-oriented activity and win prizes completely free of charge.

Additionally, TSA has decided that, as a side competition, all universities involved in the hunt will have a chance to win the golden medallion cup, a trophy that will have the name of their university engraved on it and will remain with that university until next year’s competition, a la the Stanley Cup.

The purpose of the hunt is to bring family and friends together and have fun doing a different, more traditional, kind of activity, one that goes back to the childhood of us all. In addition, TSA would like to make a part of this event an annual tradition that includes a time for giving to others. This year TSA has partnered with People in Need to help out the Building Schools in Africa project. TSA would like to raise at least 20.000kc. for the project.

Finally, the “Search for the Golden Medallion” can be played in English or Czech. To register and find out more information in English, visit or visit for the Czech version. The hunt begins March 8th!

Daniel Padolsky
Treasure Seekers Anonymous

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