DOX celebrates 10 years

The art center in Holešovice will be open for free with special events

The DOX Center of Contemporary Art, located in Prague’s Holešovice district, celebrated its 10th birthday in the fall, and on Jan. 26 the gallery will be open for free with a full day of events, tours and workshops for children, ending with dancing and music from DJ Mardoša.

Exhibitions will be open from 10 am to 8 pm, and the dancing starts at 9:30 pm, following ParaDOX cabaret, an informal Q&A with museum founder Leoš Válek and journalist Jindřich Šídlo, plus some guests.

People will also be able to see the new multifunctional hall and the Gulliver Airship, a lecture space permanently docked on the gallery’s roof.

While the guided tours and workshops are geared primarily toward Czech speakers, the exhibitions will be open for individual examination and have English texts alongside the Czech ones.

The main exhibit currently is Welcome to Hard Times, an interactive fully functional gym where each set of exercise equipment has a political message. People on running on treadmills watch a video of the Boston Marathon attack. Punching bags have faces of controversial politicians including US President Donald Trump, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and various past and present dictators from across the world. There is a boxing ring, a climbing wall and other equipment. The idea is that people would rather go the gym than get involved in art or politics, so the gym and political art are joined together for one-stop shopping.

Fans of Czech music can see an exhibition of the 30th anniversary of the band Tata Bojs. One of the group’s founders, Milan Cais, is also a visual artist. He will lead a tour at 6 pm. The exhibition is split into 10 chapters covering the band’s history.

The long-running exhibition #Datamaze is described as an effort to critically examine the impact of the computer and internet culture on our daily lives, straddling the border between of art, design, and technology.

The DOX Center is the largest private nonprofit institution focused on contemporary art in the Czech Republic. It was created by a private initiative with the renovation of a former factory. Its mission is to create an environment for exploring, presenting and discussing fundamental social themes where visual arts, literature and other disciplines allow a critical approach to the reality of today's world.

During its 10 years of existence, DOX has had more than 200 exhibitions by Czech and foreign artists and over 2,000 programs for the general public and schools.

After discovering the original Holešovice factory at the beginning of the new millennium, businessman Leoš Válek, who returned after 15 years in Australia, together with his then-partner Robert Aafjes invested in the transforming the building.

The design by architect Ivan Kroupa was nominated for 2009 at the Mies van der Rohe award and in 2010 his publication Phaidon Atlas of World Architecture included it in a list of the most interesting buildings of the decade.

In 2016, a 42 meter long and 10 meter wide steel and wood structure inspired by the shapes of the early 20th century zeppelins appeared on the roof of the DOX Center. Its authors are architect Martin Rajniš and DOX founder Válek. The Gulliver Airship has become a meeting place for contemporary art and literature.

In 2018, DOX was expanded with a multifunctional hall called DOX+, created by Petr Hájek Architects. It was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2018.

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