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INTERNATIONAL BALLET SCHOOL PRAGUE, the first school of its kind in the Czech Republic, focuses on training of children and young artists and provides top-level education in classical ballet with modern dance elements. The school is exceptional in many respects, with the tuition conducted exclusively in English.

The project’s founder is the ballet master of the National Theatre Veronika Iblová, a first-class pedagogue in this discipline for many years. She says of the ballet school:

“Our dance school aims to work with children and teenagers on the harmonic development of not only their body but also their personality. We would like to provide them with high-quality education in classical and contemporary dance, as well as stimulate their feeling for music. To initiate them into the mystique and beauty of the art called ballet in a spontaneous form. And, at the same time, to pass on to them love and humility for this art…”

FIRST INTERNATIONAL BALLET SCHOOL PRAGUE resides in exquisite premises of the National Theatre Ballet, in the historic centre of Prague, close to the Charles Bridge.

The pedagogues are exclusively former or current soloists of the National Theatre Ballet and active ballet masters working with professional dancers at the highest possible level on an everyday basis.

Permanent associates of the school:

Nina Brzorádová (soloist emeritus of the American Ballet Theatre, ballet master of the National Theatre)

Michaela Černá (soloist emeritus and ballet master of the National Theatre Ballet)

MgA. Mahulena Křenková (soloist emeritus, pedagogue at the Dance Department of the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts)

Zuzana Susová (principal dancer of the National Theatre Ballet)

Václav Janeček, PhD. (soloist emeritus of Laterna magika, dramaturge, ballet master of the National Theatre Ballet)

Jan Kodet (soloist emeritus of the Gulbenkian Ballet, choreographer, ballet master of the National Theatre Ballet)

Jiří Kodym (soloist of the National Theatre Ballet)


Other advantages of the study:

▪ Close interconnection with the National Theatre Ballet – the possibility of attending rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances.

▪ The future possibility of performing in National Theatre Ballet productions.

▪ Informal meetings with the soloists of the National Theatre Ballet.

▪ Meetings with leading foreign personalities of the world ballet scene.

▪ General education in dance, music and history of ballet, including in the form of film screenings.

▪ Especially talented pupils have the opportunity to obtain a recommendation for continuing their dance studies at renowned dance conservatories worldwide (Prague, Munich, Rotterdam, New York).

▪ The possibility of individual tuition, including preparation for exams and ballet competitions. Personal and individual care of every pupil.

Entrance conditions:

▪ Age: 4-18 for boys and girls

▪ Knowledge of English (at least partial)

▪ Pupils are accepted on the basis of an entrance interview, during which we put emphasis on the child’s personal contact with the tutor and familiarisation with the milieu of the ballet school.


2x a week a 60-minute lesson

1x a week a 60-minute lesson (occasionally, according to the current needs and possibilities) - an optional additional lesson – informal meetings with ballet personalities, training for joint performances, screening of films with ballet themes, etc. The lesson will take place on Saturday from 5.20 p.m. and will be announced in advance. Participation is voluntary.


Pedagogue and ballet master, National Theatre Ballet

Born in Prague. Between 1975 and 1983 studied at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. From 1983 to 1988 a soloist of the Ballet at the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, portraying titular and solo roles in the ballets Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, Graduation Ball, Spartacus, The Nutcracker, etc. She received the Slovak Literary Fund Prize for her performance in the ballet Vivaldi (Winter), the Slovak Dramatic Artists Award and a silver medal at the nationwide ballet competition in Brno. She also appeared on many stages abroad.

In 1988 she was engaged as a soloist at the Győri Ballet in Hungary led by the choreographer Iván Markó, where she performed in Bolero, The Promised Land, The Mechanical Garden, La valse and many other titles. At the same time, she taught at the Secondary Art School within the Győri Ballet. After a serious injury had forced her to end her career as a dancer, in 1991 she was appointed ballet master. In the same year she also began working as an assistant choreographer and made numerous study trips (Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York).

Since 1994 she has been ballet master of the National Theatre Ballet in Prague. During her tenure at the National, she has educated and nurtured many excellent and distinct dancers (T. Podařilová, Z. Susová, N. Márová, A. Katsapov, M. Štípa, J. Kodym). As an assistant choreographer, she has collaborated with numerous renowned creators, including J. Kylián, M. Ek, R. North, S. Hounsell, I. Galili, Y. Vàmos, L. Vaculík, J. Kodet and P. Zuska, whose works she has also prepared with other ballet ensembles.

She is the co-creator of Bodyform, an auxiliary method for dancers, which she has taught at numerous seminars and workshops both at home and abroad.

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