FEST-END:Theatre Festival

English Speaking Theatre Festival at the end of theatre season in Prague. The festival is part of the American Spring Festival

The Švandovo divadlo has launched a new theatre festival in Prague featuring contemporary English speaking plays to the local audience, FEST-END.

The theatre has been involved in a project with The Academy of Performing Arts In Prague, Theatre Academy (DAMU) and Georgetown University in Washington, and continues to co-operate with The New School in New York. The origins of the festival are not only this co-operation, but also result of a long running effort to open the doors of the Švandovo divadlo to English speaking audiences ( the theatre presents all of its shows on the main stage with English surtitles, where the translated text is displayed above the stage).

The main theme of the first festival demonstrates the history of Czech Republic and English speaking countries. It will focus on holocaust and flight beyond the border.

FEST-END aims to become a unique event on Prague’s theatre map, offering not only interesting English language shows with Czech surtitles but also Švandovo divadlo’s Czech shows in the English language for the expat community in Prague.

The program is as follows:

13/6 8pm Main Hall - Pankrác '45 (in English)

The year 1945 in Czechoslovakia was a time of euphoria from the end of World War II. And yet it was also a time of “national cleansing” – in which traitors and collaborators were harshly punished. The play Pankrác ‘45 takes place in these very revolutionary days, where a single cell in Prague’s Pankrác prison sets the scene for a meeting not only of Adina Mandlová, Lída Baarová, and Hana Krupková, but also the Jewish Julča and a fifth woman whose identity is revealed only during the course of the play. They don‘t know how long they’ll be there. They don‘t know whether they will ever see the outside world alive. They don’t know whether their meeting is entirely coincidental. They don‘t know who is truly guilty, or their crime. Each of them responds to the situation differently, and differently seeks to navigate it. The Jewish Julča and Hana Krupková have experienced the concentration camps and know the need to remain calm and save their energy. The unknown woman doesn’t speak at all. Meanwhile the actresses always remain actresses, determined to compete for the attention of their albeit small audience, even behind bars. Their main task is to survive – a task which each envisions differently.

The play by Martina Kinská was based on real life events.

14/6 8pm Main Hall - American Dream/Czech Nightmare (both in Czech and English)

“If I was born in the USA, I could study at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. If I was born in Czechia, I could study at university without becoming indebted for the rest of my life.”

Some come from a country that has 327 million citizens, others come from a country that has only 10 million citizens. Some know only vaguely that the other country is somewhere in Europe, others know the other side of the world from films and tv that they have been watching since their childhood. But what is actually the American dream? Could it be a nightmare too? And what about Czech Republic? Does anyone dream about it at all?


MO - FR: 2 PM – 8 PM

SA, SU, public holidays: 2 hrs. before the beginning of a show (only when we play)

Sales Department: email: obchodni@svandovodivadlo.cz, tel. +420 257 321 334

Web: http://www.svandovodivadlo.cz/en

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