Macbeth, King Lear & The Tempest

Prague Shakespeare Company announce performances of three Shakespeare plays performed in English, at the historic Estates Theatre 4-6 July 2019

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Directed by Guy Roberts
Estates Theatre, 4 July at 20:00 
Running time: 85 minutes without an interval
Performed in English with Czech translation and subtitles by Martin Hilský

Something wicked this way comes in Prague Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth. “Blood will
have blood
” in this fast-paced and streamlined version of Shakespeare’s classic tale of ambition, witchcraft and murder.

PSC Artistic Director Guy Roberts and Jessica Boone star as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, with PSC favourites Jeff Smith, Peter Hosking, Taylor Napier, John Poston, Vanessa Gendron, Julie Josephson and an ensemble of witches from the PSC 2019 Summer Shakespeare Intensive training program.

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King Lear by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kevin Hopkins
Estates Theatre 5 July at 20:00
Running time: 100 minutes without an interval.
Performed in English

Widely acknowledged as Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy and one of the greatest English language plays ever written, King Lear is the devastating story of an aging monarch whose decision to divide his kingdom between his three daughters to prevent “future strife” only succeeds in sparking an avalanche of Greed, betrayal and ruthlessness. Seduced by flattering professions of false love from his oldest daughters, Lear banishes his youngest daughter, Cordelia, for refusing to participate in the game of “which of you shall we say doth love us most?” Lear’s rash actions annihilate his kingdom, his family and his mind. A towering exploration of a world in which everything is in domestic, spiritual and political upheaval bringing to the forefront questions on the nature of love and duty, power and loss, old age and youth, good and evil, King Lear is as resonant today as it was in 1606 when first performed and as it will be hundreds of years from now.

Kevin Hopkins directs and PSC Associate Artist Peter Hosking stars as King Lear with an
ensemble cast from the PSC 2019 Summer Shakespeare Intensive training program.

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Directed by Carolyn Johnson
Estates Theatre 6 July at 20:00
Running time: 90 minutes without an interval
Performed in English

"By accident most strange, bountiful fortune, now have mine enemies brought to this shore"

Isolated on an island for twelve years, the wizard Prospero finally has the opportunity to use his power to work revenge on those who betrayed and attempted to destroy him. Don’t miss this beautiful interpretation of what is arguably Shakespeare’s most spectacular play.

Director Carolyn Johnson adds a new dimension to this classic story of power, revenge and forgiveness with Jim Johnson as Prospero alongside an ensemble of from the PSC 2019 Summer Shakespeare Intensive training program.

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About Prague Shakespeare Company

Prague Shakespeare Company is Central Europe’s only professional English-language Shakespeare company, presenting professional theatre productions, workshops, classes, lectures and other theatrical events, of the highest quality, by a multi-national ensemble of professional theatre artists, with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare, bringing to the Czech Republic, European and World audiences English-language based performances that are fresh, bold, imaginative, thought-provoking, and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today.

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