The Best European Locations For Hen & Stag Do's

Alpha Travel Insurance have ranked Europe's top Stag and Hen do destinations and indexed them based on factors including the cost of flights and hotel, the cost of a pint and the number of bars and activities available to find out which city comes out on top.

Scoring the highest overall, out of 100, are Madrid, Spain (67), Prague, Czech Republic (59) and Berlin, Germany (54)

Dublin, Ireland, is the cheapest destination for flights

Vilnius, Lithuania, is the cheapest for accommodation

Budapest, Hungary, is where you'll find the cheapest drinks at just 82p for a pint of beer

Rome, Italy, has the most bars, with 400 to choose from

August 2019:  Stag and Hen do's are now much bigger affairs than a night out at a local nightclub, with many opting for a long weekend in a bustling European location to celebrate the end of their singledom. Alpha Travel Insurance has analysed Europe's top destinations on all the important cost factors to find out which one offers the best value without compromising on experience. 

Take a look here to find the perfect destination for your Stag or Hen do.

Top 10 Cities Overall

Rank, Destination, Score out of 100

1  -  Madrid, Spain, 67
2  -  Prague, Czech Republic, 59
3  -  Berlin, Germany, 54
4  -  Bratislava, Slovakia, 53
5  -  Hamburg, Germany, 51
6  -  Paris, France, 50
7  -  Barcelona, Spain, 47
8  -  Rome, Italy, 46
9  -  Warsaw, Poland, 44
10 - Benidorm, Spain, 43


Coming out top overall is Madrid, Spain, with a score of 67 out of 100, making it the number one destination for a fun-filled and thrifty Stag or Hen do. With an impressive 183 bars to choose from and 147 activities to keep you busy, it's not hard to see why Madrid is a great destination for your send-off into married life. 

But there's more. Madrid is also the cheapest destination overall, with flights and 2 nights in a hotel costing around £181 and a pint of beer coming in at £1.35.

Cheapest for flights

When it comes to Stag and Hen do's, the journey is often part of the fun but blowing most of your budget on flights isn't always the way to go. For people looking to keep travel costs down, Dublin, Ireland, is a great option, where the average cost of return flights is just £51. 

Cheapest for accommodation

Vilnius, Lithuania, is a great option for finding cheap accommodation as the average cost of hotels is just £52 per night. And with 47 different outdoor activities on offer and plenty of bars to choose from, Vilnius is a great destination for those looking for something a little different.

Cheapest for drinks

It's no secret that Stag and Hen dos often involve plenty of drinking so for those wanting to get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to booze, Budapest, Hungary, is the place to go, where a pint of beer costs just 82p!

Best for bars

If budgets are a little more generous and having a bigger choice of bars is your priority then Rome, Italy, is a great option. With an impressive 400 bars on offer, you'll be spoilt for choice. But with the average cost of a pint coming in at £2.24 and flights and hotel costing around £615 for a two-night stay, Rome is one of the more extravagant options.

Best for activities

For those looking for a more action-packed Stag or Hen do Barcelona, Spain, is a great choice. Barcelona boasts 445 outdoor activities to keep you entertained including bike tours, boat trips and even hot air balloon rides and horseback riding.

Rachel Conaghan, Travel Expert at Alpha Travel Insurance, comments:

"No two Stag or Hen do's are the same but what they all have in common is that people want to spend them with their nearest and dearest and that often means asking your friends and family to contribute towards to the cost of the trip.

With many group holidays, varying budgets can be a major stumbling block so finding a budget-friendly destination that still promises an unforgettable experience is the easiest way to make sure your Stag or Hen do is the amazing celebration it should be."

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