The upcoming TEDxUNYP event: Inspiration in a complicated world

What is TEDxUNYP? Who is invited? Why would one attend? These were the various questions going through my head when I spoke to Mark Anderson , TEDxUNYP Organizer & Licensee.

What is TEDxUNYP? Who is invited? Why would one attend? These were the various questions going through my head when I spoke to Mark Anderson , TEDxUNYP Organizer & Licensee. 

TEDxUNYP is an independently organized TED event. What is a TED event? Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. By organizing a TEDx event, you can create a unique gathering in your community that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.  That is the definition according to More importantly it is NOT a marketing or industry conference, no selling, no raising money, no association with political, religious or other movements. It is an event to promote openness, ideas and diversity. It is NOT a platform for professional speakers, but rather a platform for those that have none. That’s inspiring in itself!

For the 2020 TEDxUNYP, the fifth event associated with University of New York Prague (UNYP), the University decided to become one of the top TEDx hosts and participants in the Czech Republic. This year’s event is the largest and most comprehensive yet. How? The Prague Monitor team investigated.

To prepare for this year’s TEDxUNYP, the team attended the TED Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland in July, 2019. The participation in the summit qualified UNYP for an increase in participation beyond the 100 mandatory guests. Without wasting any time, the TEDxUNYP team booked the 350 person capacity Prague 1 Municipal Library Theatre. “This is a great moment for the TEDx community and the TEDxUNYP fans in and around Prague.  We will now be one of the largest English language TEDx events in the Czech Republic, and we are so excited to have the opportunity to welcome our guests to such a historic and comfortable space,” commented Mark. “After attending TED Summit this summer, I came away with some exciting ideas and best practices from the TEDx community to deliver a more impactful event to our guests. I can promise some great surprises and activities for our audience this year!”

The program for the day if including a bio of the 13 speakers and other details – including lunch.

The events are English only, tickets cost 1200Kc and the venue is the beautiful Municipal Library of Prague 1 - Mariánské nám. 98/1, 110 00 Josefov  This is a great opportunity for the expats, or English speakers, in the area to take a day out of the office and use it to provoke ideas from a diverse group of inspiring people. The Prague Monitor will be there.


Paul Lysek

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