Art Imaging Brings Giclée to Prague

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Czech artists, painters and photographers now have a chance to share their masterpieces with all their admirers. Art Imaging, a premium quality art reproduction studio that uses Giclée, an advanced fine art printing process has opened its first outlet in Prague.

The studio opened with an exhibition by Paul Pacey, award-winning Canadian photographer based in Prague. “Truthfully I was skeptical about how this process might enhance Paul’s work but I am happy to say that the results are really rather gorgeous,” said Alexis Aldridge, Creative Director at A-Squared Design Source (interior architecture and design firm). “A photographer is nothing if her work is not showcased truthfully and precisely by her printmaker,” said Danielle Aubert, a French-born artist and an Art Imaging client. “I believe we do great work together,” she added.

Art Imaging uses best-in-class technology and a proven workflow to obtain extremely accurate reproductions of art which retain the power and the emotion of the original. It offers artists, museums, galleries and art collectors the option to produce limited editions of their masterpieces and share them with a larger number of art lovers. Art Imaging applies the same technology and workflow to printing digital photography with outstanding results.

„We bridge the distance between artists and their clients. Think of a high fidelity recording of a great concert: it is the next best thing to attending it in person. We believe we can do the same for Graphic Arts” said Flavia Parvu co-owner of the studio.

Art Imaging started functioning in June 2011 and aims to stay a boutique business focused on premium clientele. The studio is owned by Flavia and Razvan Parvu, who moved to Prague two years ago from Canada. They were first introduced to the technique of Giclée by Gary T. Kerr, a reference name in the digital imaging business and life-time photographer.

According to Wikipedia, Giclée is a word coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made on ink-jet printers. The process was originally invented in the late 1980s and has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet printing.

In Czech Republic the art reproduction market is still in its early days. “As artists start discovering the benefits of sharing their art with a wider audience, we foresee a tremendous growth in this segment in Central and Eastern Europe” Flavia Parvu said.

“We have combined our long interest in art and photography and our background in science into a high quality professional service dedicated to the art world. In our studio we use best-in-class technology with adherence to the strictest archival printmaking standards. Our single focus is to help artists publish their works and provide the finest quality imaging service found in Europe. This is our job,” she concluded.

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