The Best Prague Blogs in the English Language

Isabella Woods surveys the expat blogosphere and picks out her favorites

Cities have historically been fairly lonely places. It is possible to feel far lonelier in a city than the countryside: surrounded by crowds of happy, laughing people who all seem to have a better grip on the place and a greater wealth of friends than you would have thought possible. Happily, though, the internet has a great role to play in connecting people and revealing the hidden networks beneath the surface of anonymous city life, opening up new possibilities for everyone living in a city.

Prague is blessed with a fair number of talented English language bloggers whose work helps shed light on these hidden connections. From food lovers to political analysts, all corners of Prague life and culture are covered by intrepid writers online. The vast majority of online English language mutterings about Prague is, unsurprisingly, aimed at visiting tourists. However, dig a little deeper and it's easy to find a wealth of information for those who are permanently based in this colorful city. Read on for a guide to some of the highlights of Prague's presence on the web.

A number of entertaining Prague-centered blogs are maintained by expats based in the city either temporarily or permanently. The blogs of temporary residents have an annoying habit of coming to a close with an airy "so, I'm flying back home tomorrow, it's been great, I'll miss the city." The archives of these blogs can still be fun to read, but this list will focus on blogs that are still being updated.

Several good blogs focus on the experience of living and raising a family in Prague from the point of view of various expats scattered around the city. It can be very entertaining to read about the discoveries, the problems and the little cultural misunderstandings that come from these bloggers' relocation to Prague. Girl in Czechland is a great blog, written by an anonymous British writer with a great eye for humorous, quirky details. Family life in Prague is thoroughly explored in Kolo Kolo Mlynsky, a blog written by an American expat with two young children. As well as being thoughtfully written, this blog is illustrated with beautiful photos.

The joys and troubles of an international marriage are explored with great humor and affection in Czech Off the Beaten Path, written by another American expat who accidentally fell for a Czech and moved to Prague, rediscovering the culture of her ancestors in the process. The blog is attached to a useful website aimed at travellers to the city.

Thankfully, however, the marital troubles and daily trials of expats are not the only material explored by Prague-based bloggers. One well-known blog that should not be missed is the fantastic Czech Please, a frequently updated guide to the best restaurants in town. Despite the groan-inducing title the blog is well written and evocative, drawing readers right into the experience of eating in Prague's best restaurants. Reading this blog is a great way to get a feel for the pricier restaurants in Prague without doing serious damage to your credit card.

For those who like their blogs to be stuffed full of news and information My Czech Republic Blog is a good place to begin. This blog, written by two Prague residents, is jam packed with information about the city and the country, from the latest news about public transport to questions over building projects and politics. This blog is a good resource for news on all aspects of Czech life.

There are many more fascinating blogs online, covering everything from the jazz scene in Prague to the latest news about Czech beers. Both born and bred residents of Prague and new arrivals will find something to entertain them from the city's many blogs.

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