Steamin' on the Piazzeta

Sauna with the "stars": Opus Osm's Mary Matz suggests an unusual late Christmas present

This article originally appeared in Opus Osm, the free-of-charge, paperless daily magazine about Czech classical music, opera, and ballet, published in Prague for an international audience.

Just in case you think classical music, opera, ballet -- and theatre -- is stuffy and old-fashioned, consider this as a late Christmas present: For a limited time, you can soak up the steam in an hour-long evening sauna on the plaza (piazzeta) located between the National Theatre and the New Stage.


Yes, that's right, on the piazzeta between the two theatres, right out in front of God and everybody, including the poor, chilly pedestrians hurrying by. While everyone else is rushing and running, you can relax in a sauna, right in the heart of the busy city.

You bring your towel, robe, a sheet, your flip-flops, and your swimming suit. The folks with a great sense of humor and fun from the New Stage theatre will provide the necessities for a sauna for a maximum of six people at a time. You even get to borrow the New Stage dressing rooms under the piazzeta, where you can change and store your clothes.

Marcela Straková, a spokesperson for the theatres, tells Opus Osm, "We do different projects on the piazzeta, and this is just another urban intervention which aims at the passersby and a wide audience. It's not the first time we've done something outdoors," she says, but admits, "however, it's the first time for a sauna."

The hour-long sessions start on the hour beginning at 6pm, with the last one starting at 9pm (see details below). Mrs. Straková notes that additional sauna sessions may be added if popular demand requires.

It's a unique way to spend a holiday evening outdoors, with the "stars" of the New Stage.

Tickets and Reservations
The sauna is available for sessions Dec 19, 23, and 26; and Jan 3. Tickets, at 50 Kč each, can be reserved at the New Stage box office online and must be picked up at least 30 minutes before the session. The project is being carried out by The New Stage of the National Theatre and H3T Architects.

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