Cycle to Work Campaign

A cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to commuting by car

After last year’s highly successful first „Cycle to work campaign“ we have set all wheels in motion to make this year’s campaign even better. This May you can once again compete against each other in riding your bikes to work.

The project, organised by the non-profit organisation Auto*Mat drew more than 1.100 participants from 181 companies. Among them 9 banks, 4 ministries, 2 mobile operators, 2 insurance companies and many other companies and institutions of all kinds and sizes.

The campaign was inspired by the success of similar projects in Great-Britain, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and other countries.

Whether you are an employee or a CEO, whether from a private company, a public institution or a non-profit-organisation: this campaign is right for you!

You can participate if you commute to your workplace in participating cities Prague, Brno, Liberec and Pardubice (the Pardubice campaign has its own website).

To take part, simply create a team of 2-5 fellow employees, fill out our registration form till April 30th and then indicate your bike commutes on working days from the 2nd till 31st of May in your profile on this website. We strongly recommend an assistance of a Czech speaker for the registration process.

- What do we aim to achieve?
- Why bikes?
- How do I profit?
- How does my company profit?
- How can I join?
- How can my company win “Cycle-employer of the year”?

What do we aim to achieve?
How we move about through our cities and countries has a major influence on our lives and everything connected with it. More than a third of all daily journeys are regular commutes to, from and during work.

The campaign’s main aim is to increase the use of bicycles for these regular journeys in cities and towns.
Auto*Mat’s long-time aim is to motivate people to commute using a combination of public transport, walking and cycling. This – together with a sensible way of using cars – is the best way to avoid all negative consequences combined with an exaggerated use of automobiles in cities. And: you can save money.

Why bikes?
Despite popular Czech belief, that the bicycle is mainly suited for long bike rides on weekends in the countryside, more and more inhabitants discover the advantages of using it as a means of urban transportation. Combining your daily commute with regular workouts, fun and saving money pays off. After all starting your day with half an hour of pleasant outdoor exercise beats being stuck in traffic for ages and not finding a parking space.

People on bikes have once again become a regular sight in many modern cities of Europe and throughout the world. In the Czech Republic too, the amount of daily bike-commuters is rapidly increasing each year.

Daily cycling in the city gives you the chance to get to know your neighbourhood better, seeing the city from new perspectives, experience life in the city differently and perceive distances as shorter than you had previously thought. Cycling to work not only increases your health but lowers stress (unlike daily traffic jams) and gives you independence from bus and subway schedules.

But let’s talk about money for a second, because cycling can save you a lot of it. With no fuel or parking to pay for, annual costs are astronomically lower when you hop on your bike.

Apart from that, bikes and scooters are on average the most effective means of transport for journeys of up to three miles. And guess what: that’s by far the majority of all journeys in cities! Furthermore, people you cycle are seen as healthy, trendy and dynamic.

How do I profit?
Your daily commute will be transformed into a positive experience. It is a good topic for conversation, gives you a good feeling and you also actively contribute to improving the quality of life in your city.

While normally cycling in town is a rather exclusive affair the campaign transforms it into a social event and a pleasant daily experience which you can share with your colleagues.

Regularly cycling to work during the campaign also gives you the chance to win great prizes!

How does my company profit?

1. Financially
- fewer parking spaces that need to be built and maintained
- saving on petrol costs and maintenance of company cars
- healthier employees means less sick days and less sick pay
- excellent PR (our campaign has very high media coverage)
- reduced costs for team building: the campaign is designed to be used as a team building exercise for your employees. We will be glad to help you organise company bike-rides during the campaign.
discounts in selected stores (eg. for buying a company-owned bike)
- bikes (even electric bikes) are tax deductible!

2. By strengthening your brand name
Social responsibility plays an important role in the modern economic world and more and more companies implement CSR strategies. By joining our campaign your company actively contributes to improving the quality of life in your city. Your customers and employees will appreciate it!

3. By improving the quality of life
Everybody, including yourself, your employees and your children will appreciate your contribution to less traffic jams, clean air and lower levels of stress.

4. Your employees will have fun
The playful character of the campaign (rewards for regular cycling and competing) will be great fun for your employees. Just like the shared experience of cycling to work itself. Your employees will be proud to be part of a company or organisation which supports a project of high public interest.

5. You can win our “Cycle-employer of the year” award

Sounds great. How do I join?

- Register (until April 30th) by filling out the registration form
Each team can include 2-5 members. The number of teams per company is not limited.
The competition lasts for the entire month of may. Team members enter the amount of kilometres they have cycled to work each day into an online-form. This determines, how regularly each team cycled to work.
For the moment use the pre-registration form that allows us to let you know about the start of registration period.
For further questions just drop us an email: [email protected]

How can my company win “Cycle-employer of the year”?

- Each team member is asked to fill out an anonymous form rating the attitude of their company to cycling. Indicators used are benefits such as the existence of bike-stands, company bikes, etc.
- The company with the best rating and most points wins “Cycle-employer of the year”
- Winning entitles you to use a special logo for one year.
- The competition closes on May 31st, giving you the whole month to improve conditions for cycling employees.

For further questions just drop us an email: [email protected]

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