600 Years of Jews in Teplice

A year of celebration

2014 is a special year for the Jewish community in Teplice. The first recorded mention of Jews in the town was in 1414, exactly 600 years ago- meaning there certainly is cause for celebration in this anniversary year.

Starting in March and going on right through to October, there are many different activities planned for visitors and locals alike, giving insight into the Jewish community of Teplice and celebrating their 600 years of being settled there.

In the past, the Jewish community of Teplice was the largest in Bohemia, but now only has a membership of 125 and one prayer room. Although the town itself used to have two synagogues, both were razed during wars.

Amongst the activities on offer are a Sabbath dinner on the 20th June, held in the Social hall of Teplice Kehilla, as well as performances from the Feigele theater company, Prague and a concert by the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Teplice.

The festivities will be going on all year, but will surely prove to be very popular as this certainly is a once in a lifetime event! For more information and to register for the larger events (concerts, Sabbath dinner) please visit www.kehila-teplice.cz, which is also available in English.

If you wish to contribute financially to this event, please contact the above website for bank details. Anyone who donates over 1000 CZK may be considered for one of two tickets to the final concert of the Beethoven festival. The tickets will be sent out on the 20th May.

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