10 years and still going strong!

A decade in the EU

After 10 years in the European Union, it seems like the people of the Czech Republic are warming to the idea, throwing a huge public party for people of all ages and nationalities to celebrate.

The festivities began on the 29th April and ran until 9pm on the 30th, held on Kampa Island in the very middle of the river. The program for the two days included several bands, as well as different stalls held by EU member countries and companies which work within those countries, such as Erasmus.

Boasting acts such as Tata Bojs and Toxique from the Czech Republic and Reptile Youth from Denmark, as well as film screenings and discussions about the EU, there were plenty of activities for the adult attendees.

Of course, the younger participants weren’t forgotten, with the island hosting several competitions with great prizes up for grabs. There were quizzes about different aspects of the EU (I’m ashamed to say I got 1 out of 10 on the easiest) with a host of different prizes, including mugs, backpacks and sports bottles for anyone who wanted to participate. There was also a bigger competition, in which people could participate in several different games, before moving onto the EU member stalls- testing their knowledge and learning about the different countries, where they are, what their capital city is and how to say “dobry den” in different languages. Altogether, the afternoons were both educational and fun, for both kids and adults. I’m not ashamed to say even I learnt a lot about the different countries of the EU!

The bands were also impressive, showcasing some great talent from the Czech Republic and drawing a large crowd, particularly the headlining acts. Overall, the festival drew a large number of people, whether Czech or otherwise, giving them a chance to celebrate something great and maybe even learn a little bit about different cultures. Here’s to another 10 years in the EU!

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