REVIEW: Sacrifices

Art review

I came to Sacrifices with almost no foreknowledge.

One of my only clues on what to expect was my ticket for the show which included this warning:

Please note:  this piece will be highly interactive, and visitors should expect to be physically involved in the performance.

Now normally this warning might be enough to make me not want to attend a show, as forced participation can be annoying, but in this case, I decided to take the risk and descend into the labyrinthian bowels of the Studio Faust.  

I was rewarded with engaging art experience; part art installation / part theater, all very engrossing.

Go check it out if you can get in.   (There are a very limited number of attendees per night.)

Thankfully the physical involvement of us as audience members was minimal and mostly involved being gently lead through their „Labyrinth of Sacred Paths“ in the transformed basement of the Faust Records Studio.

The journey through the dimly lit maze was like walking through a dark poem.  The senses become aroused, light and shadow play tricks on you, and at the end you find yourself with more questions than answers.

There were times when i actually wanted to know more.  Clearly the stories of these saints have a deep resonance for these artists but they were not shared with us in an understandable way.

I wanted to know more; which is a good thing, so it's more a request than criticism.

Overall it still made for a very interesting piece of performance / multimedia art and is definitely worth trying to catch.   I would suggest simply to let the poetry of the experience wash over you; take it in as a sensory experience.  Look for clarity once you are back at ground level, can breathe fresh air again, maybe talk to the artists, and try to piece it all together.

Sacrifices is not currently playing but keep an eye out for their next run.
More info here:

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