ROYAL presents The Prague Burlesque Show: Come and enjoy!

An unforgettable evening full of music, burlesque, and comedy!

Prague, October 3, 2014 – Multicultural venue, ROYAL presents The Prague Burlesque Show – a unique show, specially prepared for this space. The Prague Burlesque troupe cooperates with international artists and performers and has been met with celebrated success on stages abroad. Since 2012, they have done guest-performances in Berlin, Vienna, Zurich as well as Bratislava. Prague Burlesque still has some surprises to reveal, so Friday's show at the First Republic atmosphere of ROYAL in Vinohrady will demonstrate a new shift in burlesque entertainment.

Prague Burlesque offers their artists the freedom to express themselves, and they encourage the audience to do the same. During each show, they share space, time, and stories. Tales of all kinds are the backbone of their philosophy, in which the group pays tribute to vaudeville – the entertaining theater program with singing and dancing. The founder of the show, David N. Jahn, has been dedicated to this genre for many years. He’s also the Master of Ceremonies, Sonny Vargas. His aim is to continue in the long tradition of burlesque, and to make this concept popular once again.

“It thrills us to watch people having fun, when they are free to express themselves and when they share this experience with us. That's what Prague Burlesque is all about.  We want to change the stereotypes and let them be carried away into a world of fantasy and erotica,” David N. Jahn, founder of Prague Burlesque explains.

Dazzling diva and singer Angelina Angelic, naughty sweetheart Miss Cool Cat, mysterious and secretive Lady Mousellyca and seductive crooner Sonny Vargas will guide you through a night full of music, burlesque and comedy. Their unforgettable show is sensual, romantic and teasing at the same time, and is appealing all the senses – you won’t soon forget!

“Burlesque is nothing new on the Czech scene – it appeared at the turn of the 19th century, and back then was called “beauty without veils”. The current form of this genre is represented by Prague Burlesque. Their sophisticated and stylish spectacle full of humor and stories, with which the audience can easily relate to, it is in harmony with the concept of the ROYAL,” says Jean-Christophe Gramont, owner of ROYAL.

You can enjoy this unique spectacle every Friday night from 9pm at the premises of ROYAL in Prague Vinohrady.

The Prague Burlesque Royal

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