The Expressive Skrepl & Brocklehurst in the New Gallery

Joint exhibition of Vladimír Skrepl and Fraser Brocklehusrst

The Nová galerie in Prague’s Vinohrady (Balbínova 26, Praha) is preparing a joint exhibition of Vladimír Skrepl, one of the prominent personalities of the Czech visual arts scene, and Fraser Brocklehusrst, a British artist who has been working in Prague for 15 years. The two artists share a characteristic expressive gesture and attitude to painting as a medium.

Vladimír Skrepl has been one of the most distinct personalities in Czech art since the 1980’s. Skrepl’s creative range is really wide, spanning from the dominant strongly expressive painting often accompanied by the techniques of collage and assemblage, to drawing expressions and rough “calligraphy”, authorial books as well as sculpture and installation art. The strong theoretical grounds Skrepl had obtained through education in art history are not only perceivable in all of his works but are also utilized in Skrepl’s teaching and curator activities. Currently, Skrepl runs the Painting II studio at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts with Jiří Kovanda as assistant. In the 1980’s, Skrepl, as a curator, belonged among the distinct personalities of the recovering Prague City Gallery.

Contrarily, Fraser Brocklehurst is a rather quieter participant in the local arts scene, however, he can take pride in his strong artistic expression, free of any symbolism and only grounded in pure image visuality, which is much lighter in comparison to Skrepl’s, and yet it introduces elements of certain figurative “primitivism” so characteristic for Skrepl or transfers the principles of collage only to present it purely through painting.

With the exhibition Skrepl / Brocklehurst, the Nová galerie follows up on one of its principal dramaturgical lines within which it presents distinct and foremost artists of the middle generation together with high quality authors who are not so renowned and who have so far received less attention both of the experts and of the media.

Skrepl / Brocklehurst
Nová galerie
12. 3. 2015 – 11. 4. 2015

12. 3. 2015, 19:00

Nová Galerie
Balbínova 26
Praha - Vinohrady
Open: Tuesday / Wednesday, Thursday 14:00 – 19:00, Saturday 11:00 – 15:00

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