Maori portraits by Gottfried Lindauer

New Zealand Maoris will be on display at the Gallery of West Bohemia - Pilsen 2015

Fifty-one life-sized portraits of New Zealand Maoris will be on display at the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen from 6 May to 20 September, for visitors of the first ever retrospective exhibition of Gottfried Lindauer, a Pilsen native and one of the most popular painters of the colonial era, who left for New Zealand in 1874.

A large part of the portraits come from the collections of the Auckland Art Gallery; for the first time ever, the Haerewa, an advisory group of representatives of the individual Maori tribes which advises on the administration and management of Maori arts, has given its consent to taking this national treasure out of the country of its origin. The exhibition vernissage is preceded by a traditional Maori ritual during which representatives of the Haerewa prepare room for their ancestry, to the accompaniment of prayers, singing, and the haka war dance. In addition to the Maori portraits, the Pilsen exhibition will present a comprehensive profile of painter Gottfried Lindauer, utilising works from the collections of the state, the Church and private collectors, including works from the era before Lindauer left for New Zealand. 

"The preparation alone is a very sensitive and challenging process. We are bringing New Zealand's national treasures to Pilsen and the Maori side approaches the matter with corresponding care and interest," explains Roman Musil, the Director of the Gallery of West Bohemia.

Gottfried Lindauer exhibition: Gottfried Lindauer, Pilsen painter of New Zealand Maoris

Pilsen 2015: European Capital of Culture - Plzeň 2015

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