Multi Genre Vivid Street Festival Offers Two Weeks Full of Entertainment in Pilsen

Pilsen, 14th till 23rd of August 2015

In the middle of August the streets of the Pilsen city center will come alive during the multi genre Vivid Street Festival. The Republic Square and the surrounding park areas will be mostly filled by music, nevertheless, there will be an eventful programme prepared for all family members. There will be theatre performances and fairy tales for the whole family, a silent cinema performance, a fashion show, an art show in the public area and interesting tasting of international cuisines. You will definitely not be bored either if you plan the programme precisely, or if you just come to see the festival and let it engulf you by its unique atmosphere. This open-air event is suitable for both classical festival lovers and for those who do not particularly enjoy a typical tent city. Just come wearing your heels or trainers and enjoy the city of Pilsen with all the comfort it offers.

Concerts, Concerts, and Concerts Again

A music cocktail was prepared by the organizers of the Vivid Street Festival in its most interesting way. Rich cultural programme will be provided on seven stages from August 14th to 23rd and it connects Czech music alternative, high quality local pop music and starting foreign stars such as Dubioza Kolektiv, Adam Ben Ezfru, Fanfara Transilvania, Moonlight Breakfast and many others. Miro Zbirka, Ivan Hlas, Lenka Dusilova, The Tap Tap, Cankajsou or Please The Trees will welcome you with their performances in Pilsen. Furthermore, there will be concerts of Bara Zemanova, The Chancers, Fast Food Orchestra or Mediterranean. The last day of the festival, Sunday of August 23rd will be devoted to big beat. Semtex, Odysea, Burma Jones or Il Fish will perform for you. The evening, as well as the festival, will be concluded by the concert of the legendary music group Katapult.

Proluka – a Scene with a Programme Prepared for Children

The Vivid Street Festival is a so called family friendly festival which means that it offers entertainment and programme for all family members. One of the scenes will be devoted to the youngest festival visitors. Every day from August 11th to 23rd at 4 p.m. there will be a theatre performance prepared for children. The following performance starts at 5 or 6 p.m. Apart from fairy tales, a street library will be provided and you can also participate in various community games. The area of Proluka in Krizikovy Sady will be the right place for children during the festival.

Non-traditional Projection of Silent Cinema during the Vivid Street Festival

Do you know what is it a silent cinema? Then you should definitely visit the evening projection of silent movies together with music which is planned for every evening in Proluka at 9 p.m. starting on August 10th to August 14th. This music-film experiment will bring original experience to you.

Vivid Gallery

A paper flower-bed, a caravan with a city inside, chiming glass telling the story from a porcelain factory or art instead of common advertising posters… this all is promised by the Vivid Gallery which you can visit in the streets of Pilsen during the whole duration of the Vivid Street Festival. Next to the traditional exhibition Colour on the Street you will see an interesting show of current visual art. In the area close to the Museum of West Bohemia you can find the Gallery on the Pavement. The Gallery on the Foil represents principles of street art and can be visited in the park area around the city centre. Moreover, there will be sound and interactive installations too. In case of interest, you can create your own light-based picture. Just walk through the city, open your eyes and enjoy the gallery in the public space which is accessible without any entrance fee and at any time of the day.

Pilsen Fashion Days

Milan, Paris, London, New York and on August 20th and 21st also Pilsen – all these cities belong among the fashion world metropolis. The two-day long fair of author fashion and design called Pilsen Fashion Days will take place directly on the Republic Square. Come and choose some new nice pieces for your style which cannot be bought anywhere else which means it will never happen to you that you meet a woman or girl wearing the same clothes. The fashion will come to you from the Czech and foreign designers; you can buy also the applied art for your apartment. Fashion fanatics are welcomed to participate in the lecture of the Czech Fashion Council with the topic of Czech Fashion Design which starts on Thursday 20th of August at 2 p.m. in the Meeting Point on the Republic Square. Pilsen Fashion Days are traditionally connected to high quality music performances and concerts. Among the performing artists you can expect Adrian T. Bell, Fast Food Orchestra, Pub Animals, Michal Pavlicek & Monika Naceva, Dalekko and many others. Pilsen Fashion Days really have a promising programme.

Babylon on the Cooker

The Vivid Street Festival would not be the same without a food festival as its part. Good food from different parts of the world will be served on August 18th and 19th during the event called Babylon on the Cooker. This event provides tasting show of international cuisines prepared by national minorities living in Pilsen. Visit us and try something you do not cook at home and you can also enjoy additional cultural programme too.

Scooter Rental

The official mean of transport for the Vivid Street Festival is a scooter which makes it very easy to travel through the city centre and takes you comfortably from one stage to another. In the rental service on the Republic Square you can rent not only scooters for adults, there are also children scooters any many other machines and vehicles. The first hour of rental is free of charge; the following hours cost 50 CZK each. There is a rental deposit of 500 CZK which will be returned to you.

Festival in Movement

This year of the Vivid Street Festival offers a great mixture of entertainment but also features a relax zone. At the weekend on August 14th to 16th there are power yoga lessons starting at 5 p.m. which will be led by an experienced instructor directly in the park close to the Museum of West Bohemia. When you prepare for the festival do not forget to take your yoga mat with you, it would be pity to miss such a great opportunity to exercise a bit!

A detailed festival programme is available at


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