Last Chance to See a Whole Lotta Nudity in the Dancing House

The “18+” exhibition ends September 17

The Czech illustrator Kaja Saudek shows his naughty artwork on the premises of the Dancing House in the heart of Prague for only a few more days. Since Saudek created such erotic comics, illustrations, and paintings, he was not welcome to exhibit or publish his works until the collapse of the communist regime in 1989. But now, his playful works with pencil, ink, paint, sculptures and humorous texts are widely popular among Czechs.

For Czechs, Kaja Saudek is a significant artist and easily recognizable for his creations. Sadly, Saudek’s exhibition “18+” opened only a month before he passed away, at the age of 80. He had been in a coma since 2006, after an accident.

The exhibit “18+” fills three floors of art by Saudek, like a unique peepshow, including many of his lesser known erotic pieces, and so curious people who are not afraid of nudity in artworks should not hesitate to visit this show.

The ground floor has works (basic sketches, comics, and posters) for all ages. Here, some of his most famous drawings are also on sale, such as “Alkoholky” (in English-Alcogirls) and it only costs 390 CZK. This title puts two words into one (Alkohol + holky in Czech) which means “Alcohol + girls,” so that Czechs, or at least his fans, now have a new word in their vocabulary.

The underground floor of the exhibit is only open to those 18 or over. Even by just walking down the stairs to this room, sexuality seems to start flowing through people's veins, as visitors immediately see Saudek's famous “Barbarella” from his Superkurvarna series. Superkurvarna (or rather the “Extra-Whorehouse”) also displays how his humor and erotic art go together, and this has made him an artistic icon

The top floor of the exhibit includes paintings on canvas, more comics, and many of his earliest-works and sketches. However, this room might also surprise more than one viewer. Saudek’s controversial gay, stripper, trans and S&M theme beats through the walls and these may be disturbing to a more sensitive audience.

Kaja Saudek’s chamber of secrets ends in the best possible way. With the ticket that you purchase, you can go up to the roof top of the Dancing House for a free drink, so you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Prague.

The “18+” exhibition ends September 17.

Kaja Saudek “18+”
Tančící dům, Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Prague, Open daily 10:00 – 20:00.

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