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Enter the Prague Fringe Festival

Year Two begins this week for the annual Fringe Festival in Prague. (How many years should something have to run before you can call it 'annual'?) They seem to have grown considerably in size this year (apart from the Tiny Ninja Troupe) bringing 108 performances from 27 companies to four theaters. Many of the shows are non-verbal so don't let language intimidation stand between you and the stages.

Tip: If you haven't explored the recently reconstructed Divadlo Minor, try to catch at least one show there. Child-like wonder awaits.

PTV's festival picks: - [ see the full program ]

Romeo And Juliet
Tiny Ninja Theater Company

Thurs 21.30-22.15, Fri-Sun 19.00-19.45
at Divadlo Minor

Type: Mini-theatre
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
Admission: 150 / 80

New York's Tiny Ninja Theater presents Shakespeare's timeless tale of star-crossed lovers performed by inch-high plastic ninjas and assorted dime-figures. Seating extremely limited. Opera glasses provided.

Cernošská pohádka
Divadlo Drak

7.6.-8.6. at 14.40 – 15.30
at Divadlo Minor

Type: Puppet theatre, in Czech
Suitable for: 4 year olds and over
Admission: 35

Out of Afrika, Divadlo Drak brings us a tale of beautiful and wild nature. Kids will love this myth brought to life with rythmical rhymes and dangerous drumming as our the hero journeys towards danger [and redemption].

National Theatre Nish

When: 6.6.-8.6. at 18.15 - 19.45
at Divadlo Minor

Type: Theatre, in Serbian with simultaneous translation
Country: Serbia
Admission: 150/80

The lads and lassies from Nish promise to tackle: the meaning of quality, man's enslavement to the idea of Future, our deep-seated fear of anarchy, man's loneliness in a world without God, the need for social order and violence required for its imposition, the vicious circle that keeps taking us back to square one… And more. Head out of the house and see if they can deliver.

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