Film Matters!

NaFilm! at Museum Montanelli until 25 October

NaFilm! is a Czech film student project aiming to establish the first Czech museum of film. Co-financed by crowd-funding, the exhibit at Museum Montanelli is created as a “trailer” of their project. The exhibit is interactive, showing different parts of the development of film in history.

“Film has never been silent,” says Terezie Křížkovská, co-founder and co-curator of the project. So, the first room of NaFilm! invites visitors to dive into the film making process, by demonstrating how the sounds in early films were created. There are sound effect instruments, called foley, used for recreating the sound of wind, rain, storms, trains, and many others.

Some secrets of Czech foley artists are even revealed such as using newspapers to sound like a marching army, cracking a carrot to imitate the sound of breaking bones, and cutting a cabbage in half to resemble the sound of chopping off someone’s head.

There are early projectors, cameras, microphones, and other equipment borrowed from the National Technical Museum. There are also posters and an early editing station.

Moving downstairs, there is a section devoted to the 1920s Czech avant garde group, Devětsil. They were surrealists led by Karel Teige, and they created unique works inspired by early film, such as imaginary cinema (film scripts recited with no accompanying film image), and shadow theater (as a 3D collage) made by a toy train.

Everything is unusually arranged in the last section, which is devoted to a few emigrant Czech film directors. Their life stories are hidden behind old doors, transformed into cabinets, where visitors can find original photos, diaries and newspapers excerpts. These directors, including Miloš Forman, Pavel Jurácek and Vojtech Jasný, had to leave the country because of political reasons, either after WWII or after 1968 (Prague Spring).

NaFilm! is a chance to learn more about cinematography and gain fun facts about how early film was created. The exhibit exposes the background to early film-making, not only history, and it can be appreciated by all visitors (not only Czechs).

On the last day of the exhibition, there will be a film-making workshop focused on animation, where participants can create their own short animated film. Due to limited capacity, reservations should be made in advance.

NaFilm! Until 25 October

Museum Montanelli
Nerudova 13, 118 00 Praha 1
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00–19:00

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