Daniel Brühl is coming to Febiofest 2016

The on screen Niki Lauda and one of the most remarkable contemporary European actors

Febiofest will welcome one of the most notable young European actors, Daniel Brühl. His already world renowned career started with the German film Good Bye, Lenin! Later he appeared among the star studded cast of the Oscar winning Inglorious Basterds and his portrayal of Niki Lauda in Rush brought him a Golden Globe nomination. Other previously confirmed guests include Peter Morgan, Golden Globe winner and writer of The Queen, and Marco Bellocchio, Italian director and scriptwriter and a legend of Italian cinema. This year’s programme also features the Refugees section and Junior Fest, a section dedicated to children and family films. The tickets for Culinary Cinema, a section combining film screenings with gourmet dinners and organised in cooperation with the Berlinale, are now on sale.

Daniel Brühl is a German film star of Spanish descent, whose career sky-rocketed after his lead role in the critically acclaimed Good Bye, Lenin! in 2003, in which he portrays a loving son whose mother spends eight months in a coma and is unaware of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dramatic world changes it brought. His next film The Edukators, an Austrian/German drama about three young idealists was also a success. His first notable overseas success was the action thriller The Bourne Ultimatum starring Matt Damon. Quentin Tarantino’s fans will surely remember his portrayal of the German war hero Frederick Zoller in Inglorious Basterds. His talent and proficiency in four European languages paved Brühl’s way toward a number of other remarkable roles across many genres and productions in various nations. For instance, we can mention the epic biographical film Lessons of a Dream about Konrad Koch’s life when he pioneered German football, or last year’s British drama Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren. Brühl’s portrayal of the legendary F1 driver Niki Lauda in Ron Howard’s Rush from 2013 met with great critical success and brought Brühl a prestigious Golden Globe nomination. This visually stunning story about the personal and professional conflict of two elite F1 drivers was based on a script by Peter Morgan, another of Febiofest’s notable guests this year. At Febiofest, the indisputably talented Daniel Brühl will present the exclusive Czech distribution preview of his new historical thriller Colonia, which is based on real events and co-stars Emma Watson. The thrilling film portrays a married couple, who find themselves in the midst of South Argentinean penal colony for political opponents of Pinochet’s regime.

Prague IFF – Febiofest introduces its new programme section Refugees. “Films in this selection do not judge, nor do they offer easy solutions or take sides. They simply portray the world we live in. There are real people behind all fictional stories, who bear little resemblance to the superficial news footage, and that is what a genuine artistic testimony should strive for,” says Štefan Uhrík. The genesis of every film is a long-term process. That is why the sensitively shot refugee stories featured in Febiofest’s programme were all made prior to the current refugee crisis and are valuable additions to current discussions. Cowboys is the directorial debut of French scriptwriting star Thomas Bidegain. The film portrays the story of a father, whose life is transformed when his daughter elopes with a Muslim fundamentalist, and it was among the most remarkable French films at the last Cannes IFF. The most talked about film is possibly the controversial and highly topical feature Made in France about a journalist who infiltrates a group of youths planning a terrorist attack, which was made in an immediate reaction to the terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo offices. The near experimental feature film debut Fallow made by Belgian documentary filmmaker Laurent Van Lancker was shot on location in the Calais refugee camp before the site became a frequent news item. There are four Belgian films in our selection, including The White Knights directed by the renowned Joachim Lafosse, a reconstruction of a true event from 2007 concerning a humanitarian group that gets involved in trafficking of African orphans, despite the group’s initial good intentions. The Maltese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, Simshar made by the young filmmaker Rebecca Cremona, was inspired by a nearly ten-year-old tragedy of a refugee group attempting to reach Italian shores.

Febiofest Junior is a section dedicated to children and family films. The section includes both distribution previews as well as unique films not to be seen outside of Febiofest. This year’s selection also includes film adaptations of notable literary works popular across generations. Cécile Aubry’s work about six-year-old Sebastian and his Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Belle, comes to life in Belle and Sebastian: The Adventure Continues. Friendship between a boy and an animal, this time a bear warrior, is also the main theme of the masterfully animated Japanese film The Boy and the Beast. Another animated film inspired by a literary classic is the humorous Robinson Crusoe. The process of growing up is the common theme both of the comedy The New Kid and the family feature The Little Gangster. Febiofest Junior doesn’t forget about the admirers of our planet’s natural beauties, introducing an epic documentary Seasons by French filmmakers of the acclaimed documentary Oceans. The Billy Elliot inspired film from New Zealand Born to Dance follows its protagonist’s quest to win a hip-hop dance competition.

Although the ticket sale for this year’s Febiofest begins on March 9th, it is already possible to purchase tickets for the film/gourmet section Culinary Cinema, which is organised in cooperation with the Berlinale for the second time. The tickets are available at Ticketportal. Besides Jiří Král, the Czech chef at Aureole in Prague, which received the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand Award, the event will also feature a menu by Alexander Koppe, of the restaurant SKYKITCHEN, holder of a Michelin Star, at the andel’s hotel in Berlin. “Yes indeed, there is a strong connection between food and cinema. Both need a strong team which is passionate about creating an artistic work. What I will prepare for the Culinary Cinema won’t be a recipe, but an experience, “ says Alexander Koppe. The venue for this extraordinary experience combining a film screening and an exclusive multi-course dinner will be CineStar Anděl and the restaurant of the adjacent andel’s hotel Prague. The programme will start with the first “gourmet” thriller, the documentary The Chicken, The Fish and The King Crab which takes place at the Bocuse d’Or international culinary competition. The programme will also feature a Japanese historical romance A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story inspired by true events and an American independent comedy Trattoria, which uncovers the mysteries of the ruthless culinary business. The 23rd Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest will take place from March 17th to 25th. 

You can find more information at www.febiofest.cz (ENG)

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