Modern Day Mosaic by Chris Watson

Let’s tessellate

Modern Day Mosaic is a new exhibition by British artist Chris Watson opening here in Prague on April 16th at Potrva Srbská 2, Prague 6. This is an exciting venture for Chris having done 1 previous show in the city in 2015. Hoping to carry on from the success of his previous show Chris has set the bar high with Modern Day Mosaic which promises to be an exciting show for anyone that goes.

Chris’ inspiration to pursue his artistic career was born out of his previous job working as a design engineer for Dyson. His job included working on the internal components of Dyson’s products, designing efficient pieces which would work successfully. He explains that while in this line of work he noticed consistent geometric patterns which interested him and from here the idea of applying geometric patterns to tessellation became Chris’ focus. Discovering the tessellation work of M.C. Escher was also a big influence on his own personal work and encouraged him to learn the rules behind tessellation. Development in this field of art has led Chris to where he is today with his second show in two years.

The show itself is set to have a great opening night where you can go and socialize as well as discover Chris’ four brand new never before seen series of work. Checking out the Facebook event page will give you some insight as to what to expect from these pieces without giving too much away. Visit the page at Modern Day Mosaic - Opening Party! where you can have a sneak preview of one or two of these new pieces. Chris will also be auctioning off a couple of his canvases providing an opportunity for you to take a piece home with you. He will also be providing some insight into how these pieces have formed and the process it take to develop them, from early design concepts right through to the final product upon the canvas. This can be seen in a video which will play at the show.

There will also be two bands performing live on the evening. Overland Inn will take to the stage with their electric trip-hop genre of music to perform records from their two albums, carrying on from their recent success in a battle of the bands style competition. Analog Mountain will also play their debut gig at the art exhibition, an exciting time for the band beginning their journey into the music industry. Their music will also be linked up with one of Chris’s videos on the development of his tessellation project, an exciting time for all involved with the band.

The new art exhibition by Chris Watson will be an exciting event to mark on the calendar Providing Chris with a great opportunity to put work on display which he has sunk many precious hours into creating. His event is also allowing the opportunity for two exciting bands to put their mark on the event to create an unforgettable night of art and creativity to come together and be put on display.

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