Speed Festival Prague

A new & unique Music Festival

On May 27th – 29th Prague will witness a unique festival – the first of its kind in the entire world. Inspired by flash mobs, event architect Richard van Reem is excited to organize this extraordinary event that will feature singing, music and dancing in hotels.

“I am a unique guy with crazy ideas,” says Richard van Reem who will cooperate with his contacts at the Prague Dance Academy, Prague Conservatory and the Dance Conservatory of the Capital City of Prague. So far 25 hotels will participate in this festival that will involve surprise performances by various groups of performers.

The pop up performances will occur during busy times at the venues – during breakfast, dinner and other times when the public hotel areas are crowded with guests. Hotels will advertise that an event will take place, but the details will be vague: the singers, musicians and dancers will be mingling among the guests until the right moment comes.

Richard van Reem has created event ideas for 40 years now and what started as a plan for a smaller flash mob grew quickly as he shared it with his contacts.

The location and amount of performances will be up to the hotels – they will be organized in clusters based on location and the assigned groups of performers will rush from one hotel to another to surprise the guests in various flash mobs.

In the past Richard van Reem has organized many edutaiment events involving a mixture of education and entertainment internationally. He is happy to have found people interested in participating in this unusual idea allowing him to finally organize something like this in Prague. The event will surely add entertainment and mystery to the unsuspecting tourists on their trip to Prague.

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