Flying Steps come Back to Czech Republic on the Wings of J.S. Bach

Red Bull Flying Bach returns to Prague and Ostrava

What would Johann Sebastian Bach say to his masterpieces from the 18th century being interpreted through one of the most modern contemporary dance styles – b-boying? See for yourself at Red Bull Flying Bach which after a 4 year wait, returns back to the Czech Republic, in Prague and Ostrava. The show, being the first performance visualizing Bach‘s „Well-Tempered Clavier“ by combining the world of breakdance & classical music in a unique way, is coming in September and October.

They will arrive in greater numbers with a perfected project. Since the last visit to the Czech Republic in 2012, these Berlin-based performers from Flying Steps dance group have evolved considerably. This year, they will present how classical music can compliment breakdance, otherwise known as b-boying, in Prague (September 23rd-24th, 2016) and in Ostrava (October 1st, 2016). Ticket sales will commence on April 27th at 9AM across the Ticketpro network.

Why only spin on your head to electronic beats? Why not try and move your flexible body to the rhythms of the piano and the harpsichord? These are precisely the questions that artistic director of Flying Steps, Vartan Bassil and conductor and pianist Christoph Hagel have asked themselves at the very beginning of the Red Bull Flying Bach project. They got a strong positive response when they managed to fully sell-out two world tours which were viewed by more than 400,000 spectators across 31 countries.

It’s hard to tell exactly how many listeners have savored the tones since 1723, when J. S. Bach completed his Well-Tempered Clavier with its impressive total of 24 preludes and fugues. When B-boys established the roots of the breakdance style in 1970s New York, they probably did not foresee that B-boying and Bach could ever have anything in common. However, the 21st century brought an unexpected surprise to both music cultures. Breakdance has since expanded into Bach’s birthplace and 300 years later, Flying Steps who belong to the best B-boy crews in the world, have chosen his masterpiece to connect these two different worlds and visualize the music of J.S. Bach.

Red Bull Flying Bach |

23. – 24. 9. 2016 @ Karlín Musical Theatre, Prague | Ticket prices: 890 Kč – 1690 Kč
1. 10. 2016 @ Gong, Ostrava | Ticket prices: 890 Kč – 1490 Kč

Tickets will be on sale from April 27th through the Ticketpro network. 

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