Prague Nonverbal 16

…when silence speaks louder… (26 June – 3 July 2016 @ La Fabrika Prague)

LA FABRIKA is a multi-purpose cultural space in Prague 7, suitable for theater, dance and concert performances, film screenings or exhibitions, which has gradually become sought-after not only among musicians, but also among theater artists, who appreciate the variable use of space of former factory halls and also La Fabrika’s obliging attitude to new and unusual forms of theater. Thanks to the multi-purpose space, technical equipment, foreign contacts and extensive experience in the field of arts, the La Fabrika team has prepared a high-quality festival programme, which will present the international elite of this genre in Prague for the first time. Due to non-verbal aspect of the programme it will be open all visitors regardless of nationality and age. The performances will take place in the two main halls at La Fabrika and the accompanying programme will be held in additional adjoining areas.


26 June
03.00 pm PAPER BOY
08.00 pm Screening JIŘÍ KYLIÁN’S FILMS

27 June
08.00 pm ENLIGHTENMENT, world premier
08.00 om LEO

28 June
07.00 pm LEO
09.00 pm TANGRAM

29 June
07.00 pm TANGRAM
09.00 pm NAUTILUS

30 June
07.00 pm NAUTILUS

1 July
09.00 pm PSS PSS

2 July
07.00 pm PSS PSS

3 July
09.00 pm SHAMES

Y2D & Chamaleon Productions (CANADA/GERMANY), Leo
Leo is a solo physical theatre piece that challenges our sense of gravity and reality through the clever interplay of superlative acrobatic performance and high tech video projection. Universally appealing to adults and children alike, this is the funny, intriguing and moving journey of a seemingly ordinary man whose world becomes physically unhinged. From Edinburgh to New York, Moscow and Hong Kong, the multi-award winning show LEO is a one man, one-of-a-kind physical theatre piece that defies theatrical convention as brilliantly as it does the law of gravity. Jaws will drop as LEO takes “off the wall” to a whole new level.

Stefan Sing & Cristiana Casadio (ITALY/GERMANY), Tangram
Tangram skillfully redraws the boundaries between classical dance and circus. In this beautiful heart-felt duet between a ballet dancer and a juggler the unlikely couple explore the trials and tribulations of a relationship with both furious passion and tenderness. Whether she is gracefully hanging from her partner’s fingertips like a marionette or he has to shield himself from balls landing on him like missiles - control shifts constantly. Casadio and Sing breathe new life into their respective art forms as their exquisite skills meet, clash and dance around each other to tell a story of love, scorn and above all power.

Trygve Wakenshaw (NEW ZEALAND), Nautilus
Mad, risqué and uniquely eccentric. Critically acclaimed, award-winning Gaulier-trained clown, Trygve Wakenshaw presents his beautifully strange stream-of-consciousness idiocy in three different shows. His hilarious and fun hit physical comedies Kraken, Squidboy and Nautilus are consistently a sell out at festivals around the world.

Baccala Company (ITALY), Pss Pss

Compagnia Baccalà was born from the union of Simone Fassari (him) and Camilla Pessi (her). They ran away from the circus they were in, created Pss Pss, and the rest is history. Winner of 15 international prizes, unique, funny, virtuoso and very charming, you’ve never seen anything like it. Pss Pss has been performed over 500 times, in over 50 countries, and on all 5 continents, to huge acclaim. An hour of happiness.

Jo Strømgren Kompani (NORWAY), The Hospital
The Hospital was the first production put on by Jo Strømgren Kompani for female actors. The dialogue takes place in an Icelandic nonsense language – and even if this variant of Jo Strømgren’s typical feature doesn’t mean anything, the response of the audience to the performance makes it clear that they understand. “The Hospital is physical theatre at its very best: daring, dark, unpredictable and charged with compressed intensity,” wrote The Guardian, whose reviewer couldn’t get over the courage and bravery of the actors.

PLAYboyz - Marek Zelinka and Martin Talaga (CZECH REPUBLIC), Enlightenment, world premier
This performance concentrates on the displacement of humans as individualities in relation to their traditions, environment and internal values, which form their identity and their self-awareness. In today’s world humans have a tendency to discard their traditions to the detriment of today’s global lifestyle.
People should stop and appreciate what they have (traditions, values, the circumstances of the environment in which they live, special qualities...), they should be proud of their origins, who they are, and not be afraid or ashamed of the fact that they are part of a specific group or minority, which has its own specific methods of expression, experience and traditions. PLAYboyz is a theatre team based on cooperation between two artists: Marek Zelinka and Martin Talaga, graduates of the Prague Music and Dance Faculty – branch of pantomime and choreography. The human being – the human body in all its frailty and beauty – is the focus of their work.

Theatre Drak and Jiří Havelka (CZECH REPUBLIC), Georges Méliès’ last trick
This performance by Theatre Drak, directed by Jiří Havelka, is inspired by the remarkable life story and works of cinematographic pioneer Georges Méliès. It will lead spectators into the attractive world of magicians, tricks and magic. The magic tricks, which Georges Méliès was the first to use in an unbelievably innovative manner in the film medium, retain their artistic poetry to this day. And they also have many successors. Even death falls short of Méliès’ world full of boundless imagination, because celluloid, illusion and fantasy are weapons which can defeat even the Grim Reaper....
Or maybe not? We will find out at the end of this journey through the fascinating life story of the greatest film magician of all time. How to become immortal?
There is a TRICK to it!

Tantehorse (CZECH REPUBLIC), Paper boy

Paper world of Radim Vizváry and his little paper friend Paper boy. Visual nonverbal fairytale with a puppet for preschool children. Thanks to simple story, interaction and huge creativity of Radim Vizváry, this show supports imagination and leaves big space for fantasies.

Holektiv (CZECH REPUBLIC), Shames
Hartl and Hartlová define the emotion of shame as a reaction to any wrongdoing or violation of social norms and/or rules. Zimbardo and Henderson list a series of symptoms, in which shy reactions manifest on the physiological level: fast heartbeat, dry mouth, sweating skin. Shame has a wider psychological sense, in the narrower sense, you can distinguish different types of shame; sexual, moral and social. To experience shame, confrontation between a personal imperfection or failure and one's social environment is essential. Shame is associated with loss of capability in the public's eyes, unconfidence, embarrassment, etc.

The programme will be supplemented by workshops with selected (including foreign) lecturers (juggling, motion, dance), discussions, concerts and additional accompanying activities such as street performances by V.O.S.A. THEATRE.


Car – men
Car Men is a collaboration between the renowned choreographer Jíri Kylían and filmmaker Boris Paval Conen. Based on the opera 'CARMEN' by Georges Bizet they shot a hilarious and poetic short film in the destroyed landscape of a Czech brown coal mine. The actors in this film are older dancers (around 50 years old) and the main prop is a 'TATRA 87', a famous car from 1937.

Between entrance and exit

Between Entrance and Exit is a bizarre ramble through a labyrinth of memories, regret, guilt and longing. A man and a woman love, fight and cherish each other. In a constantly changing room, they try to give meaning to the time given to them between Entrance and Exit. The result is a surrealist mix of tragic and humoristic, at times clownish scenes. Second dance film by director Conen and choreographer Kylián, who previously surprised the public with Car men (2006).


We all ride the tram of life, whether we want to or not No one asked us whether we want to come aboard and ride or not. we have no idea who the driver or the conductor is. we know not the route, the stations or the final destination, our fellow passengers are anonymous... Hopefully, one day, someone will come aboard who’s aura appeals to us. One thing is certain; we are all joyriders, on our way to our own funeral.

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