Cronenberg: An Evolution of Shock

David Cronenberg: Evolution exhibition runs till July 17 @ Stone Bell House, Prague 1

Prague City Gallery’s House of the Stone Bell now has an exhibit dedicated entirely to the works of award-winning filmmaker David Cronenberg. This exhibit offers a chronological view of each of Cronenberg’s films.

Cronenberg is famous for his “body-horror” films, including: Videodrome (1983), The Fly (1986), Naked Lunch (1991), Crash (1997), A History of Violence (2005), and Eastern Promises (2008), which explore the depths of physical and mental decay. This exhibit is wonderfully (and eerily) unique, replete with many replicas of various characters and props from each of his movies. This is typical to any film exhibit, except Cronenberg is a known guru of science fiction and horror.

Fear is a motif of many of Cronenberg’s films, and the exhibit quite literally brings life to this fear, through objects and props replicated from those in his movies. Naturally, the exhibit is chalk-full of life-sized humanoids that will undoubtedly haunt the dreams of any viewer. Also, small video screens give the viewers a taste of each film. If a mere taste is not enough, there is large dome where visitors can sit back and enjoy full-length screenings of his movies. Anyone that knows Cronenberg’s work knows what to expect. However, if this is not the case, you should brace yourself.

This exhibit exposes internalized human fears and manifests them through several mediums. Each film is displayed in different manners, each unique to the specific film. The gallery patrons are given snap shots into the mind of a true visionary of the cinematic arts.

Whether you are a seasoned Cronenberg fan, or simply a person in search of an informative scare, then look no further. Visitors leave this exhibit with reverence or at least intrigue for David Cronenberg.

David Cronenberg: Evolution
till 17. 7. 2016
Stone Bell House, Old Town Square 13, Prague 1

Tue-Sun 10 a.m.–8 p.m.

full: 245 CZK / 265 CZK weekend
reduced: 190 CZK / 210 CZK weekend
(students to 26 years upon presentation of a valid student card, seniors over 65 years, seriously handicapped persons and journalists upon presentation of a valid ID or relevant card)

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