Sculpture Line brings art to the streets of Prague

Second edition of the festival will run all summer in Prague

The second edition of the open-air exhibition Sculpture Line will be held in Prague from June 1 until end of September.

The idea is to bring sculptures to public spaces. Around 15 sculptures will be displayed in different spaces in the city, creating a kind of “metro line” on which each stop offers a sculpture.

“We have three metro lines in Prague: A, B and C, so Sculpture Line is the fourth, it is the line S,” said Ondřej Škarka, director and founder of Sculpture Line.

There are several ways to enjoy Sculpture Line. Either you can choose your itinerary and go to a few stops to see some of the sculptures or you can just find them by accident.

Sculpture Line has two goals. The first is to give an opportunity for everyone to be in contact with art and sculpture in their daily life.

“Sculpture Line is made for people who don’t go to galleries. We decided to bring galleries to them instead,” Škarka said.

The second goal is to add something to the city and to permeate Prague with sculptures.

The programming is very wide and diverse. From a six-meter question mark by Jun'ichiro Ishii on the Vltava to running horses by Michal Gabriel at Piazzetta of the National Theatre, you will probably be surprised during your walks in the city.

There is one you definitely can’t miss. It is called Meteorite by Italian artist Riccardo Cordero and it will be at Baaruv Park in Prague 4.

Some of the sculptures will be outside of Prague as well.

The challenge of this festival is to find a good place for a good sculpture and make it fit perfectly together as if the sculpture belongs to the city.

“The festival with the help of the Ministry of Culture enables us to try an interaction between the place, the people and the sculpture and see if it works,” Škarka said.

In the long term, the idea is to let the sculptures remained permanently to make them entirely part of the city.

A few sculptures still remain from last year's edition such as the Armchair by Alexandra Koláčková at Dolní Břežany or the SharkFin by Jaroslav Chramosta at Futurama Business Park.

You can also participate in the Sculpture Line picture contest. The idea is for people to take original pictures of the sculptures, playing with the surroundings like the weather, the light or the people around them.

“This is about the interaction between the people and the surroundings. With the rain, the storm, sun or whatever special clouds, very amazing photos can be taken,” Škarka said..

Sculpture Line Festival 2016:

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