“Eleusis” - Handa Gote Research & Development

June 15th and 16th @ Divadlo Alfred v dvoře

“Eleusis” is Handa Gote's greatest leap into cyberspace dada-land; it's a hyper-performance (billed as a post-internet opera, sung in Italian, Czech and English), that takes the audience on a hallucinatory trip into techno-disco-ball eternal hell, or technically the zone of Hades with the King of the Underworld, played by Tomas Procházka, as Demeter (played by Veronika Švábová) goes off in search of her kidnapped daughter Persephone, who is dead in scene one. But then Persephone (who is also played by Švábová) rises via shadow play as in Plato's Cave, and soon she is high-tailing it down a Lynchian lost highway to the futuristic ruins of the Information Revolution, only to be interrupted by countless computer crash messages. Handa Gote's “Eleusis” recalls Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal-fantasy film Holy Mountain (from the 1970s) upgraded as a hyper-drive computer blitz, world gone mad. This digi-dance trip will leave your head spinning, and yet you'll still be eager to jump back for a repeat/reboot to try and make sense of just a fraction of the action. “Eleusis” by Handa Gote, the notorious Czech experimental theatre and performance group, is based on a tale from Greek mythology, but it is likely that even taking along a seasoned Greek historian and philosopher to this performance does not guarantee that you would understand what the hell is going on. You are there for an unforgettable experience.

“Eleusis” plays this month, June 15th and 16th (Wednesday & Thursday) at 20:00, at Divadlo Alfred v dvoře, Prague 6.

(no language barrier—Post-Modern Opera in Czech, English & Italian)

Tickets: 200 CZK, 100 CZK for students

For more information, please visit: www.alfredvedvore.cz

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