Fringe Review: Hideaway

The concealed are revealed in British theatre group Quiconque's well-crafted but slighly disappointing piece

Devised by Britain's Quiconque theatre group and performed by the Complicite ensemble, this is a well-crafted piece, performed with precision and commitment, nicely balancing humor and pathos, storytelling, stylized movement and clever object transformation.

Suitcases are the main prop and are used in a variety of ways as the two actors take us through an exploration of hiding and fear – whether literally (as in the main story, concerning two Dutch girls in an attic) or metaphorically (concealing aspects of ourselves from our co-workers, lovers, spouses).

The ensemble uses the story of the Dutch girls as its main focus, cutting in and out of this strange tale with other short sketches of strange and apparently true stories of hiding (most notably the stories of two Cuban boys hiding under a jet plane and of Catherine de' Medici's childhood concealment).

Unfortunately, while the performances are strong, the end result is somewhat disappointing as we're never really allowed into the hiding places on an emotional level – it's too cursory.

Meanwhile, the humor used should break us out of the claustrophobia of a hiding place (psychologically or physically) but as we're never really there, it instead becomes almost trite.

Hideaway is nevertheless an interesting performance and worth the time for the strength of the performers and the sharp, intelligent transformations.

For more information on Fringe Festival Praha events see the official website.

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