Interview: Govinda

Texas's transglobal chill-out guru, Shane "Govinda" O'Madden, answers PTV's questions ahead of his Radost FX gig

Shane "Govinda" O'Madden plays Radost FX on Friday night as part of the Sensory Infusion Tour, a first chance for Czech audiences to catch his exotic blend of world music, psychedelia and electronica.

Prague TV caught up with the Texan musician, via e-mail, in Amsterdam, to find out more…

Prague TV: How would you describe your music?

Shane O'Madden: Sexy, loungy, transglobal chill-out - with an occasional dirty, spooky quality.

PTV: How does your unusual Irish-Lebanese heritage influence your music?

SOM: This is music from deep in my veins, so these influences involuntarily escape in the music.

PTV: A lot of dance-oriented acts struggle when it comes to live performance. What's the secret to doing it successfully?

SOM: The secret is that there has to be something interesting to see. In Govinda, we have a belly-dancer, percussionist, and projections. I play live violin while mixing original music, so the visual is definitely there.

PTV: Have you visited the Czech Republic before? What do you know about the music scene here?

SOM: I have been there, but not played yet. I love the clubs and think it's a great scene for electronic music. I'm looking forward to how Prague reacts to what we do.

PTV: I've heard a lot about the alternative rock scene in Austin, Texas, but how's the dance scene over there?

SOM: It's growing slowly. There are a handful of people doing this sort of thing there, but rock and blues still dominate the Austin scene. This is why we are touring in Europe.

PTV: What music are you listening to at the moment?

SOM: Everything from Madredeus to Dave Starfire breaks.

PTV: You trained as a classical violinist until you were 20, when you shifted toward the kind of music you play today. What were the reasons for this?

SOM: I love classical music but realized that I would never make it as a soloist. I began exploring my other musical interests and got into engineering and producing. That led me into electronic music.

PTV: Was your classical background an advantage or a disadvantage when you began to make the kind of music you play today?

SOM: Both. I have the technique to express what I feel but sometimes my classical education makes me too calculated in my playing and composition.

PTV: How did you choose the name Govinda?

SOM: It chose me, during a Hari Govinda meditation.

PTV: What are your favorite websites?

SOM: Amon Tobin, Element-Zero, and, of course, Beat Church and Yasmin.

PTV: And finally, which do you prefer: cats or dogs?

SOM: I think I'm allergic to cats, so I guess dogs.

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