Vinohradské vinobraní

What you need to know about Prague's grape harvest festival

What is Vinohradské vinobraní?

Prague's Vinohradské vinobraní ("Vinohrady Grape Harvest") festival is one of many vinobraní celebrations across the Czech Republic, marking the grape harvest.

This ancient tradition was revived in Prague in 1997, when the Prague 2 and Prague 3 district councils organized the first Vinohradské vinobraní.

The more traditional elements of the festival include a parade, traditional costumes, dulcimer music and a Renaissance Fair-style atmosphere.

Less traditionally, the Vinohrady event also encompasses an outdoor rock concert.

Most importantly, however, all vinobraní festivals, including Vinohrady's, involve the drinking of copious amounts of burčák.

What's burčák?

Burčák is young wine. For information, see the related PTV article, Beware of the Burčák.

Where is the event taking place?

Vinohradské vinobraní is mainly held on three city squares in Prague 2-Vinohrady and Prague 3-Žižkov: Námestí Jirího z Podebrad, Námestí Míru and Karlovo námesti.

There are also events at the Gröbovka villa vineyards (the official opening) and at the Atrium gallery (vintage wine-tasting).

For the 2004 program, see the PTV Event Preview.

When is the event taking place?

The 2004 Vinohradské vinobraní festival begins at 12 noon on Friday, September 24th, with the ceremonial opening at the Gröbovka villa vineyards. It ends at 6pm on Sunday, September 26th, at Karlovo námesti.

What's new this year?

According to the organizers' press release, the 2004 Vinohradské vinobraní festival "is devoted to medieval traditions," meaning there'll be "crafts, fencing duels, juggling performances, a tournament of mounted knights, and demonstrations of falconry skills."

There's also talk of "medieval torture" (simulated, we hope), and members of the public "will be able to pit their strengths against one another in a range of winery competitions."

Do I need tickets?

No. Entry to each of the participating city squares is unlimited and free of charge.

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