5 Unique Museums in the Czech Republic

Explore some unique museums the Czech Republic has to offer

The Czech Republic is well-known for its rich collection of museums and galleries. Prague is home to several unusual museums like the Museum of Torture, the Ghost and Legends Museum and then there’s the Museum of Communism. But there are also many less known gems, including the following five unique museums.

Toilet Museumwww.muzeumnocniku.cz

Japan may have a toilet-themed restaurant but Prague has its very own toilet museum. The museum originated in 2003 when the Třebotov fortress was under reconstruction. Two historic remains were a stone toilet and a baroque extension – this led to the owner’ interest in how the toilet evolved.

Today, the museum contains the largest collection of toilets in the world, around 2,000 exhibits. The museum has toilets from almost every continent including chamber pots made for Napoleon, the Titanic, the Chinese Emperor Qianlong, the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House and much more!

Have you ever wondered what a French wedding chamber pot looked like? 

Find out at Michalská 1, Praha 1, 110 00

Metal Zoowww.kovozoo.cz

This museum has over 220 animals made out of metal! Each animal has its own story that begins with the construction process which can last from a few days to a few months. Made out of scraps of metal, the goal of the museum is to show visitors that thrown away items can be turned into something beautiful and useful.

Founded in April 2012, this is the only metal zoo in Europe. The life-size animals are created with great detail and closely resemble real-life animals. The museum is located at Brněnská 1372, east of Brno not far from the Slovakian border.

Butter Museumwww.maslovice.cz

The Butter Museum is the only museum of its kind in Central Europe, similar to an Irish butter museum located in Cork. It offers an interactive exhibition that presents various types of churns, centrifuges, butter molds and other items related to the production of butter.

Many of the exhibits can be practically tested, some even tasted! There is also an exhibition about the history of Máslovice village, named after butter. The museum is located in the Prague-East district at the address Pražská 3.

Sex Machines Museum
- www.sexmachinesmuseum.com

Not for the faint of heart, the Sex Machines Museum is a great place to have a laugh and learn more about sex toys. The museum is located on three floors and it gets more intense the higher you go. Established in 2002 and it is the only museum in the world solely focused on sex machines!

Located right by Old Town Square, the Sex Machines Museum has 200 exhibited items. There are even some historic toys from the 16th century. The museum is located at Melantrichova 476/18. Don’t forget to sit in the chair that determines your level of hotness on your way out!

Magic Cave

Magic Cave is one of the most unusual museums created by Reon Argondian (Jan Zahradnik) who turned his home, an old mill building, into the Magic Cave. The Kingdom of Argondia, as it is sometimes referred too, is a compilation of his art.

Every wall of the “psychedelic empire” is covered in colorful facades or paintings. Visitors compare the gallery to a fairy tale world. Getting there is an adventure of its own as the Magic Cave is located in the maze that is Petřín Hill. There are signs throughout the park but it’s best to bring a map!

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