Všichni svatí (All Saints)

or the legacy of Charles IV's ideas for contemporary art and culture

Barbar, Císařovský Tomáš, Čuška Jakub, David Jiří, Eisler Eva, Knap Jan, Kovařík Karel, Kulhavá Martina, Kunc Milan, Linhart Zbyněk, Mainer Martin, Matoušek František, Paučo Samuel, Pištěk Jan, Písařík Petr, Rittstein Lukáš, Róna Jaroslav, Stano Tono, Střížek Antonín, Šárová Jana, Špaňhel Jakub, Štech Adam, Šuhájek Jiří

8. 9. - 29. 9. 2016
Balbínova 26, Praha 2

The subject of the “All Saints” exhibition is based on Charles IV's attitude toward life. Like many of his contemporaries, he believed in the Apocalypse and the subsequent Judgment Day, and so whenever he traveled to other parts of his domain he would “steal,” or, to put it more nicely, borrow forever, often by night, the remains of saints from churches when he found out about them. It was believed that a person has to attend the Last Judgment complete, that is, with all the appropriate body parts, and so he realized that the saints would have to come and collect their remains in Prague and then they could teach forever at the university that he had founded for that purpose. The spiritual elite of Europe would have become the university teaching staff.

And so both the title and the subject of the exhibition “All Saints” is not only the Apocalypse, holy relics (parts of skeletons, teeth, hair), rebirth, the Last Judgment, Christ’s resurrection, but also of all those who had ever lived and were so often depicted by the greatest artists, enlightenment, halos, individual saints, their symbols of power, jewels in the emperor’s crown, the chapel that he would enter barefooted and which was saturated with the energy of gems and color symbolism to enhance the power of prayers, contemplation and spiritual growth.

The subject of the exhibition and the main themes:

All Saints (figuration of their symbols, figures, deeds) / Last Judgment (classic subject in painting – skeletons rising from their graves, the glow behind saints, holy relics, e.g. John of Nepomuk’s tongue) / Energy Radiators / King’s Crown / The Bridge Connecting the Spiritual and Mental Worlds / University of the Best Qualities – spiritual glow over the city, castle / City Development around the Sacred River / Social Buildings / Mythical Castle – Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Numerology / Faith, Christian Symbols, Symbols of Christ and His Family / Charles IV's Portrait – paintings / Classical view of Charles Bridge, Malá Strana and Hradčany / Charles IV and Bušek

Nová Galerie / Balbínova 26, Prague 2

More information about the exhibition: www.novagalerie.cz
Facebook event: www.facebook.com

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