The Kings of Nuthin

Concert Preview: The Boston band's fiery rockabilly sets Vagon alight on Thursday, February 10th

Hailing from the no holds barred town of Boston, Massachusetts, The Kings of Nuthin embody the city's attitude from head to horn.

Their music is a lesson in the history of rock 'n' roll, with a punk rock kink. When pressured to classify the sound they create - with the help of an upright piano, a stand-up bass, a horn section and a drunk Texan on washboard - they'll tell you it's "50s style rhythm and blues under a punk rock umbrella."

That's only the half of it. They cover aspects of rock 'n' roll that can't be found in the history books. It's a fast and furious lesson that takes you through swing, big band, jazz and blues, all the way to the birth of punk.

The lesson is taught by a team of eight beer-guzzling, greased-up gentlemen, fronted by Torr Skoog whose whiskey-scoured vocals are at times reminiscent of Louis Armstrong.

The masterfully handled instrumentation is there to back him up every step of the way. The pounding keys of an upright piano, which The Kings of Nuthin cart with them on tour, even to Europe, together with a ripping horn section and a stand-up bass, which is spun in the air and used as a ladder throughout the set, makes you feel like greasing your hair back and dancing with a whiskey in your hand.

The Kings of Nuthin are known across North America and Western Europe for the fever and fervor that their live sets create. And if the music isn't enough to get you ripping up the dance floor, a flaming saxophone or two will get you moving in no time. That's right folks - if the audience deserves an extra push over the edge of the excitement threshold, The Kings of Nuthin set their instruments on fire and play them at the same time. Now you don't usually see THAT at your local juke joint!

So come on down to Vagon on Thursday, February 10th and witness firsthand the ferocious musical frenzy of these stylish, greased-up hellcats.

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