Call for Anti-Fest Entries

Get your work shown and seen at May's independent short film and photography festival

The Provokator Anti-Fest is designed to promote the creative processes in filmmaking, to stimulate dialogue between video artists and their viewers and to create a forum for visual artists who would like to convey their ideas through the moving/still image.

Often, we are stopped in the creative process by procedures and expenses, but improvements in digital and video capabilities have liberated filmmakers, making the medium accessible to a wider range of artists.

The first Anti-Film Fest was held in November of 2004 at Kino Světozor and was designed to generate interest in anti-film media by displaying finished works from developing artists in this field and to encourage those with filmmaking/new media ambitions to reach their goals.

The Provokator Anti Fest 2005 is an all-out onslaught of Anti. Heck, we're just contrary.

* Anti Film – digital and analog short movies

* Anti Digital – true celluloid film

* Anti Digital Moving Image – true film photographic exhibition

Deadline: April 1st (and that ain't no joke!), 2005

Provokator History and Intention
We are an online magazine that provides an outlet for writers and others with artistic ambitions. magazine is also a precursor to an eventual hard copy publication.

Provokator sponsors events with the intention to foster the creative community (locally and globally through the internet) and give a face to the many facets that make up our contemporary culture. When hosting and promoting happenings, we choose a charitable organization to sponsor in order to shed light on the needs of that particular cause and generate awareness as to its particular goals.


The Provokator Anti-Film Festival 2005 will be held in the NoD/Roxy complex. Along with the theatre, the complex features television and projection equipment, a gallery and a café, which will be available to showcase the works of artists, in a variety of media, who will also be featured in the festival.

Go to and click the Anti Fest banner for submission/entry requirements in Czech and English.

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