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Concert Preview: Experimental Dental School, Blaq Mummy, and Eniac celebrate Easter at the Matrix on Sunday, March 27th

The weird thing about Oakland's underground scene is that they hardly ever look back, unless it's for a long gaze into the rear-view mirror.

Forgive them, but they know what they're doing.

Spinning Ray Manzarek-style organ dervishes with the more eclectic atmospheres of Thinking Fellers Union and the Bay Area's own Zip Code Rapists, Experimental Dental School serves up San Fran solipsistic retrospective piping hot, and with a few neat little additions.

Their live shows - they've backed up the likes of Trans Am and The Make-Up to rave reviews - aren't to be missed, especially in this context…

Who better to flex the eardrums on Easter than Prague's very own Blaq Mummy?

Inspired, perhaps, by biblical time constraints, the Mummy will be distributing a live studio album recorded in just three days. It's rumored that they plan to sprinkle each CD with special "perfume", but almost certain that they'll attempt to whip your ass with their braided switch of inspired bass-heavy monster-billy.

Fresh off a date with the World/Inferno Friendship Society, whose giddy carnival music is oddly similar to the Experimental Dental School's, the German four-piece Eniac will lull you into your last supper with their deceptively playful geek-punk.

Almost dancy basslines, purposefully sloppy transitions and the occasional vocoder separate them from your average born-again hardcore punkers.

The collective weirdness will be a night to remember in Prague, where real showmen turn up about as often as the messiah. Can the ham, and tell the in-laws you're going to see the Reverend.

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